Internet in Ghana

Internet in Ghana communications are improving but the requirement for satellite communcations channels is still strong for mobile users and people who require access to the Internet in remote outposts


Satellite Internet – Ghana

Like many emerging African states Ghana suffers from a poor basic communications infrastructure and this makes connecting the rural areas to the existing Ghana Internet a major problem. In order for countries such as Ghana to grow it is important that everybody has access to the Government services on offer and that everybody has the same opportunities in health, education, business and all the other services that a progressive Government can provide. In order to access these services the population needs a fast and reliable way to connect into the existing infrastructure and the best way to do this is Internet via satellite.

The Ghana PSTN is run by Ghana telecom and has a reputation for being reasonably reliable but the mobile phone is the most popular form of communication media. The first mobile communications network was installed in 1992 and in that first year subscribers numbered 19,000 and this number has been increasing dramatically year on year. The latest figures show that there are over 6 million mobile subscribers and mobile subscriptions are expected to continue to rise providing ample opportunity for new business in this growing economy. In the mobile technology marketplace MTN is the market leader with 50%, TiGo (23%), Vodafone Mobile (15%), Zain (9%) and Kasapa has 1%. Fixed Network operators hold the remaining 2% subscriber base.

BusinessCom is ideally placed to supply Internet access via satellite in Ghana and to fit into the future plans of the Government of Ghana to provide professional VSAT Ghana services to the population. For satellite Internet Service Providers in Ghana the opportunities for new business are there for the taking.

BusinessCom has been providing these services into Africa for nearly a decade and the services that we offer are:-

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Toll quality VoIP and Videoconferencing with CIR
  • Reliable SLA through FDMA and D-TDMA with 98% efficiency on payload
  • Star, Mesh and hybrid Star/Mesh topology networks
  • Full support of accelerated VPN, CITRIX, ERM and other business applications
  • Highly secure operation with optional AES embedded encryption
  • Global C-Band coverage and sub-Sahara Ku-Band
  • Landing at top tier redundant IP facilities in Western Europe and United States
  • Sentinel-based QoS, bandwidth management and optimization platform