Sentinel Bandwidth Management and Optimization

Smart and Secure Satellite WAN Solution

Bandwidth management is essential in today’s fast moving communications world and it is the bandwidth manager who has to ensure that mission critical voice and data services are always available on demand.

Sentinel QoS and bandwidth management software

Few will deny that network reliability and performance together play an especially important role in the corporate world today and the ability to manage bandwidth effectively is essential. BusinessCom’s integrated Bandwidth Management and Quality of Service (QoS) solutions are developed to meet exigent requirements of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Small and Medium-sized Internet Service Providers. BusinessCom is proud to offer a complete solution designed to monitor and manage bandwidth for the Internet Protocol traffic in order achieve the best performance, reliability and security of the network this traffic passes through.

BusinessCom® Sentinel bandwidth management software is powered by highly stable and reliable Linux operating system and incorporates an advanced traffic engineering tool set with the goal to build an efficient Internet Service Provider network with exceptional performance and security.

From the hardware perspective, Sentinel is a highly reliable server based on the x86 architecture. It has the 1U rack-mountable form factor that is easy to deploy into any networking environment. It comes with pre-installed BusinessCom Networks Sentinel PF and powerful tools to make the complex bandwidth management tasks as easy as possible even for network operators with little networking experience.

Some of key features of BusinessCom® Sentinel are:

  • Quality of Service
    • Mission critical network applications prioritizing
    • QoS for interactive network applications (including VoIP, Audio and Video)
    • Application level (layer 7) based QoS
  • Bandwidth management
    • Accurate and powerful bandwidth shaping
    • Exclusive groups support
    • Free bandwidth sharing support
    • Smart Throttle engine
  • Acceleration and caching
    • BusinessCom® PEP acceleration (Performance Enhancing Proxy)
    • Cache engine for bandwidth saving, delays and response time minimizing
    • Caching DNS
  • Application level traffic inspection
  • Security: Firewall, Filtering, NIDS
  • Network subscribers’ authentication
  • Extensive Network Monitoring
  • Routing, Network Address Translation (NAT), DHCP, E-mail reports
  • Web Administration Panel, Terminal Access support

Bandwidth Management

Increased backbone bandwidth utilization efficiency with guaranteed Quality of Service for the subscribers. The QoS mechanisms of Sentinel ensure that your enterprise customers receive the appropriate quality of Internet access service and that everybody in the network receives a fair share of bandwidth. Using the Sentinel rate limiting and shaping tools you are able to prioritize network bandwidth to support critical applications, prevent power users from abusing the bandwidth, and preventing your network from being overloaded with malicious traffic such as viruses, floods and Peer to Peer applications. This is especially appreciated when expensive satellite Internet backbone bandwidth is used. The Bandwidth shaping and Throttle engine improves efficiency of broadband resource utilization helping to deliver cost-effective and high-quality service for end user and profitable and optimized network service for the ISP.

Acceleration and Compression

Up to 400% boost on the web browsing and file downloads both on uplink and downlink compared to a standard non-accelerated service. A common work day of Internet access results in approximately 1 to 5 inbound/outbound traffic ratio, caused by TCP acknowledgments and requests sent to the Internet servers. PEP allows users to save up to 90% on the outbound circuit traffic that eliminates sluggish response time and speeds up web page downloads even in a highly congested uplink circuit – a 96 bits per second uplink is sufficient to fill in a smooth 1 megabit per second downlink rate. BusinessCom® PEP software provides on the fly traffic compression that allows ISPs to achieve up to 30% overall bandwidth savings, both on the inbound and outbound circuits.


Secures the network. The Sentinel firewall allows system administrators to sleep well at nights while it protects your network from outside attacks. Easy to set up filtering and authentication mechanisms prevent unauthorized access to your network. The built-in Network Intrusion Detection System provides detailed statistics on the health of your subscriber base PCs and potential threats to your system’s security and performance. This allows network administrators to react promptly to eliminate the threat.

Extensive Monitoring

More control for network administrators. At any time of day or night the network operator or administrator may log in to the web administration panel running on Sentinel to check the network uptime, health and obtain detailed statistics of the network usage. Real time network throughput monitoring is available.

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