Satellite Reports

In Satellite Reports, BusinessCom Networks staff provides an overview of the latest developments in satellite telecommunication services, spacecraft manufacturing, launch announcements, technology and related events.


Latest Reports

June, 2015:
NASA reports parachute failure in Mars testing
Facebook and Google are out of the space race
Solar storm warning satellite takes position in deep space

May, 2015:
Africa is jumping into the space race
North Korea wants stronger presence in space
ESA Sentinel will record ocean levels

April, 2015:
60 Minutes offers glimpse of US Space Command
SpaceX narrowly misses landing rocket
ESA testing debris recovery system using satellites

March, 2015:
First all-electric propulsion satellites launched into space
NASA testing exo-brake technology
Russian space industry on road back
ESA sends two more Galileo satellites into orbit
DARPA considers conventional aircraft to launch satellites
EU, ESA and Airbus Defence and Space reach agreement on EDRS
USAF delays launch of first GPS 3 satellite

February, 2015:
Singapore, China collaborating on space technology
Scientists using satellite data to combat snail disease
South Korea selects Arianespace for satellite launches
ISRO will launch Google satellite
ESA tests mini-Space Shuttle
Australia plans to boost Internet via satellites
NASA launches satellite to monitor soil conditions
Scientists look to satellite data to help save rain forests
US military wants to spend big in space

January, 2015:
ESA sets March meeting on space debris
San Francisco firm to launch weather satellites
Satellite developer inks deal for facility in India
Israel plans to launch three nanosatellites
SES tabs Arianespace to launch communications satellite
SpaceX announces ambitious use of satellites for communications
ESA plans to sync satellites to create virtual telescope
United Arab Emirates UAE continues to invest in space exploration
Tiny satellite could be part of future surveillance network
Al Jazeera network now broadcasting via Qatari satellite
MTN Government extends MILSATCOM capabilities
SpaceX has to scrub supply mission to ISS

December, 2014:
Belarus, Azerbaijan join in satelllite project
NASA awards launch services contract for survey satellite
California startup finalizes plans for first wave of satellites
Lockheed Martin set to launch US Navy satellite
ILS launches European broadcast satellite
Alaska governor puts halt to Kodiak Launch Complex upgrades