Wire Transfer Information – BusinessCom CZ

Please make your payments to:

Beneficiary: BusinessCom CZ spol. s r. o.
VAT No. CZ27425762
Beneficiary Address: Blanicka St 590/3, Prague, Czech Republic
Beneficiary Account No/IBAN: CZ08 2700 0000 0010 0214 6518
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Bank Identifier Code: BACX CZ PP
Beneficiary Bank: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.
Beneficiary Bank Address: Na Prikope 858/20, 113 80, Prague, Czech Republic

Intermediary Bank Information for payments in USD (This is a financial institution that the wire must pass through before reaching the final Beneficiary Bank):
Intermediary Bank SWIFT Bank Identifier Code: CHASUS33
Intermediary Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, New York
Intermediary Bank Account No.: 544711847
Intermediary Bank Address: New York, USA

Please indicate the correct invoice number in all wire transfer payments you are sending to BusinessCom CZ.

Support and NOC Numbers:

US/Canada Toll Free 1-855-VSAT-NOC

International 1-703-651-5857