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Satellite Internet

Wherever you are, BusinessCom provides broadband Satellite Internet Service, VSAT Communication and Voice Over IP Services for your home and business in any point of the world.  
  • Turn-key Satellite Backbone Connectivity Solutions for Global Service Providers
  • Bandwidth Optimization Solutions
  • TES Bandwidth Management

TDMA Services

Time Division Multiple Access services are designed to provide shared bandwidth connectivity at very affordable costs. With TDMA, a network management system divides the frequency channel into different time slots allowing multiple remotes to share the same satellite space segment resource. BusinessCom PEP-iDirect service can reserve time slots with a particular remote providing additional dedicated CIR bandwidth quota. This allows us to prioritize business applications and use VoIP and videoconferencing services with guaranteed quality.

BusinessCom – the world’s leading Satellite Internet Provider

BusinessCom is the world's most flexible global Satellite Internet Service Provider. Representing a strategic number of teleports with FDMA and TDMA capability, BusinessCom provides Internet via Satellite, bandwidth management and VoIP services to customers worldwide.
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Global Satellite Internet Worldwide

We provide global Satellite Internet access to any continent in the Eastern Hemisphere and have now expanded to the Americas.
Now you can have worldwide broadband Internet satellite access for all your needs including the world's most popular destinations such as Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.
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BusinessCom Internet via Satellite Services

BusinessCom has been a global Satellite Internet Service Provider since 2003. We deliver our services on an extensive fleet of geostationary communication satellites with C and Ku band worldwide coverage, run by industry leading satellite operators and redundant terrestrial ground stations.

FDMA Services

Frequency Division Multiple Access services such as SCPC and iSCPC allow remotes to utilize the allocated frequency spectrum without sharing. This is used to provide completely dedicated bandwidth services where CIR is required. SCPC services are often used by VoIP carriers to establish guaranteed quality jitter-less transport for large amounts of voice traffic and are also commonly used by multi-megabit Internet Service Providers. BusinessCom offers proprietary bandwidth optimization and compression appliances effectively maximizing FDMA frequency spectrum payload.

Satellite Internet

BusinessCom delivers worldwide broadband Internet access with SLA and full support of QoS, VPN, business quality VoIP and videoconferencing.

Global Coverage

BusinessCom adds Telesat Telstar-11N and SES World Skies NSS-12 to the fleet.

iDirect Evolution

BusinessCom introduces new iDirect-enabled services employing DVB-S2 and ACM to Middle East and Africa.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Up to 155 Mbps per terminal, BusinessCom dedicated bandwidth services empower world's premier remote networks.

Hybrid Services

Use satellite and terrestrial MPLS IP VPN circuits to build seamless IP-enabled networks.

Virtual Network Operator

BusinessCom offers the complete range of iDirect VNO solutions for satellite private networks worldwide.

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