On-the-Move Services

Mobile satellite connectivity solutions

BusinessCom® Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) services enable guaranteed quality satellite private networking, delivering broadband IP throughput to air, sea and land vehicles in motion.

Dedicated Mobile Connectivity

Our services provide broadband service to a single or a group of mobile terminals operating within wide geographical coverage zone, typically a wide Ku-band beam on a geostationary satellite. This allows to inter-connect an array of mobile enterprise, government and defense assets, as well as deploy new points of presence rapidly whenever needed.

Key Highlights

  • Unlimited data volume
  • High-throughput IP service for land, sea and air
  • CIR bandwidth service with SLA
  • Bi-directional QoS
  • Available on multiple Ku-band satellites
  • Guaranteed audio, video and data streaming
  • Link encryption and security
  • 24/7 NOC technical support
  • Fully accelerated VPN


BusinessCom’s COTM service is a superb blend of tried and trusted technology, mixed with thoughtful and sometimes radical design. The service can be provided in managed private network and VNO modes and is compatible with parabolic and flat panel COTM terminals from a variety of manufacturers, including Kymeta™, General Dynamics, L3 and others. The user link power budget and satellite transponder operation are custom tailored to a particular customer’s IP throughput, geographical coverage and link availability requirements. Downlink capabilities often exceed tens of Mbps, with guaranteed network availability and without any limits on data volumes.

Among compatible terminals are Kymeta™ u7 and u8, L3 GCS series, Paradigm MANTA and others. The same private network pool can be designed to accommodate flat panel phased array and parabolic manpack terminals, such as SatCube, L3 GCS Panther, Tampa Microwave, Norsat Ranger and others, enabling seamless connectivity between different terminal types and assets.

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