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BusinessCom is striving towards inter-organizational relationships as working strategically with other companies can increases business opportunities and revenue streams by sharing a joint knowledge pool and utilizing both employees skill sets.


BusinessCom partnerships

BusinessCom recognizes that partnerships and other co-operative strategies are now widely accepted as effective solutions to the challenges of the modern commercial world. By working closely with BusinessCom in a strategic partnership it is easier to develop the highly complex and advanced satellite solutions that enable multi site organizations to deliver applications across their networks to enhance business efficiency and increase profitability. BusinessCom partnerships help to differentiate our businessess and create drivers for continued growth in competitive makets.

Please complete the following form to begin your partnership application process. You will be notified within 10 working days regarding the status of your application. To find more how your personal data will be processed in compliance with EU GDPR regulations, please refer to

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DTH (Direct-to-Home)
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Energy, Oil/Gas & Natural Resources
Healthcare, Disaster Recovery
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Comtech EF Data

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