OneWeb Service

Enterprise-Grade Low-Latency Satellite Connectivity Solution

BusinessCom OneWeb is a business satellite connectivity service delivered over the OneWeb constellation in Low Earth Orbit. It is designed to provide fiber optic performance with sub-150 ms RTT anywhere in the world. Perfect business connectivity service by any measure, BusinessCom OneWeb SLA features 99.5% guaranteed network availability, burstable and dedicated bandwidth quota, supporting any IP application and toll‑quality voice and video conferencing. The service features our Multi‑Service Optimization (MSO) technology, bi‑directional QoS application prioritization, built‑in threat management and network intrusion prevention systems, antivirus and 256‑bit AEAD encryption.

Enterprise LEO Service

BusinessCom OneWeb service is designed for business and government applications. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations represent the next generation of satellite connectivity services, providing 3‑5 times lower latency than geostationary spacecraft and, in some cases, even exceeding that achieved via terrestrial and submarine fiber optic links. Not all LEO services are the same though. BusinessCom OneWeb is the first non‑geostationary service that is fully optimized to support online collaboration environments and modern SaaS/STaaS applications, such as Office 365, Google Workspace, SAP, Oracle and IBM cloud applications, and others.


Key Highlights

Key highlights of BusinessCom OneWeb services are:

  • Up to 200 Mbps throughput
    Private network and dedicated bandwidth options.
    Multiple terminals can share the same CIR pool.
  • Bi-directional QoS
    Prioritize any IP application or protocol to ensure your bandwidth demands are satisfied during peak network load.
  • 99.5% SLA
    Enterprise‑grade SLA with guaranteed network uptime. Operation without packet loss in tropical climates.
  • Encryption
    Secure private wide area networking at full performance. Innovative low‑overhead 256‑bit AEAD encryption protocol.
  • Unlimited data
    Flat monthly fee with unlimited traffic volume. No usage policies or session throttling.
  • Network Intrusion Prevention System
    Network protection from intrusion, denial of service attacks, viruses, trojans and other malware.
  • Dedicated bandwidth
    CIR bandwidth for business quality audio/video conferencing and extensive data transfers.
  • Bandwidth management
    Firewall, cache, user authentication and traffic shaping. Remote administration and diagnostics.

High Performance

BusinessCom OneWeb Service is provided on highpower Ku-band OneWeb LEO satellite beams using CDMA technology, delivering industry’s best network uptime in all weather conditions. Compared to Ka‑band GEO VSAT and LEO/MEO links, BusinessCom OneWeb links has significantly higher average link margins and feature adaptive coding and modulation on both downlink and uplink directions. This provides significantly better reliability during adverse weather conditions. When other links experience rain fade outages, BusinessCom OneWeb Service remains connected at full bandwidth.

10 x 2 Mbps
50 x 10 Mbps
100 x 20 Mbps
150 x 30 Mbps

No Limits

BusinessCom OneWeb Service has no limits on the volume of traffic you can receive or transmit per month, no artificial TCP or UDP session limits, and provides both dedicated (CIR, Committed Information Rate) and burstable (BIR, Burstable Information Rate) bandwidth at the same time for common and real‑time applications.


BusinessCom OneWeb Service includes SecureLink threat management solution to assure trouble-free operation of remote networks. As the threat landscape continues to develop rapidly, traditional firewalls fall further behind and put your organization at risk. SecureLink provides extensive application control and intrusion prevention functionality. BusinessCom manages SecureLink to keep your networks protected as new threats arise.

One Service – Many Possibilities

BusinessCom OneWeb Service is designed to excel in diverse environments. The service operates with a wide range of parabolic and flat panel terminals – from single fast retrack parabolic reflectors, to portable man-packs, drive-away and fly-away systems, such as Kymeta, and others.

OneWeb Equipment

2+1 Redundancy Option

BusinessCom offers optional redundant equipment option to prepare OneWeb systems for critical missions. Traditionally, all non‑geostationary satellite services can operate using two parabolic reflectors, a single fast‑retrack reflector or an electronically scanning flat panel antenna. BusinessCom OneWeb Service adds an option for a third antenna to act as a redundant element in the array to support mission‑critical connectivity.

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