UAV and Drone Connectivity

UAV and Drone SATCOM

BusinessCom® UAV and drone satellite connectivity solutions provides narrowband and broadband satellite links with dedicated bandwidth ready for live data transmission, telemetry and streaming anywhere in the world.


BusinessCom provides global aerial satellite connectivity solutions for both narrowband and broadband IP applications, with typical speeds ranging from a few tens kbps to multiple Mbps depending on the terminal form factor. The available systems operate in L, Ku and Ka frequency bands and offer support for extensive data transfers, low-resolution streaming, HD vide streaming, telemetry, voice connectivity, observation, data collection and other applications.

BusinessCom’s narrowband UAV and drone satellite connectivity services are available globally through LEO and GEO satellite constellations, such as Iridium and Inmarsat. Low frequency bands allow highly weather-resilient connections with low latency. IP-enabled connections can be integrated with ground station VSATs to provide highly secure, encrypted private networking transport to remote offices and headquarters via Ku and C-band geostationary satellite links and teleport networks in USA, EU and Asia/Pacific.

Key Highlights

Key highlights of BusinessCom aerial SATCOM services are:

  • Available worldwide
  • Small form-factor narrowband and broadband terminal options
  • Bandwidth from ~10 kbps to multiple Mbps
  • L, Ku and Ka frequency bands
  • LEO and GEO satellite options
  • VSAT ground station connectivity options in C and Ku bands
  • Secure private network options
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