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As with any service it is important that the reality lives up to the promise. With VSAT bandwidth from BusinessCom you can be sure that we deliver exactly what you need, when you need it and where you need it.


VSAT Bandwidth

With an extensive satellite fleet, BusinessCom is one of the world's most flexible and competitive VSAT service providers. With satellite coverage stretching from the Americas to the Pacific our core business is to serve users for VSAT bandwidth Internet access, integrated business network solutions and turn-key projects. Your VSAT bandwidth Internet connection is tailored to your requirement so that you get the optimum VSAT bandwidth speed.  A VSAT bandwidth connection from BusinessCom guarantees Quality of Service alongside flexibility, reliability, scalability and security and makes the BusinessCom® VSAT service one of the leading prodcuts for consumers in today's competitive market.

BusinessCom® VSAT services are designed to support voice and data networks with guaranteed Quality of Service. Unlike other VSAT service providers, BusinessCom practices an application centric approach making sure every customer gets the most efficient satellite connectivity solution backed up by a reliable SLA. Our VSAT services fully support Voice over IP and Videoconferencing as well as business applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), CITRIX, ERP and EFT. The VSAT services BusinessCom offer range from DTH and Office to Enterprise, Military and Government and include Wireless Hot Spot, ISP and VoIP carriers.

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