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Possessing an extensive satellite fleet, BusinessCom is one of the world's most flexible and competitive VSAT service providers. With satellite coverage stretching from the Americas to the Pacific, our core business is to serve users for VSAT Internet Access, integrated business network solutions, and turn-key projects.


VSAT Internet Access

iDirect VSAT services offer a unique combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth to support voice, data and video applications; enterprise networks; distance learning; disaster recovery; e-Commerce; ISP and internet café businesses; military, government and mission-critical applications. Backed by BusinessCom SLA, our iDirect-enabled satellite internet offers guaranteed quality of service with more than 98.2% annual network uptime. Our VSAT services packages start at 512/64 kbit/s Rx and go up to 6/1 Mbit/s with customizable BIR to CIR ratios and individual QoS setup per each remote.

In 2007, BusinessCom extended its iDirect VSAT network coverage with the Pan American beam of Telesat Telstar-12 satellite providing coverage to South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. BusinessCom also offers iDirect VNO (Virtual Network Operator) and Private VSAT Network Services, based on Infiniti and Evolution X3 platforms. Our VSAT internet systems fit organizations of all sizes so there is always a VSAT internet system to suit your requirements.


Dedicated Backbone Connectivity

BusinessCom® Dedicated Backbone Connectivity VSAT satellite is a highly redundant VSAT network communication solution primarily designed for VoIP and video conferencing carriers or metropolitan, regional and global ISP businesses - terrestrial, hot spots, wireless and WAN networks. Dedicated Backbone Connectivity services support IP-enabled applications including FTP extensive data transfer, secure voice and video, accelerated and encrypted VPN, CITRIX and others with guaranteed QoS.

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