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BusinessCom provides high performance VSAT satellite Internet connectivity solutions virtually to any point on the planet.

Key features

BusinessCom® VSAT satellite Internet services in brief:

  • Broadband VSAT Internet access
  • Reliable Voice and Video over IP communications
  • World’s most sophisticated VSAT platforms from iDirect, Comtech EF Data and ViaSat
  • True QoS support, prioritizing your business traffic
  • Reliable SLA
  • High quality electronics and antenna reflectors with long MTTF
  • Reliable ground facilities with 24/7 support

Along with the broadband VSAT Internet access, our services are designed from the ground up to support toll quality VoIP and videoconferencing as well as business applications – VPN, EFT, SCADA, ERM, remote administration and intensive data transfers. We provide VSAT Internet access services via a network of terrestrial teleport facilities in Europe (Sweden, Norway and Germany) and United States with redundant fiber optic connectivity to 1st Tier Public IP backbones.

VSAT platforms

BusinessCom uses traditional Comtech EF Data as well as innovative iDirect Deterministic D-TDMA and DVB-S2 platforms to deliver a wide range of Internet VSAT services and private connectivity circuits. Early BusinessCom® VSAT Boradband Internet services were based on a ViaSat LinkStar platform, this has been upgraded to support DVB-S2 downlinks and is still in use today. We understand that the initial satellite network design plays a critical role and we leverage our expertise building effective high performance satellite communications solutions to provide custom tailored VSAT Internet connectivity to every customer. This includes full Quality of Service customization, Sentinel-based bandwidth management and optimization solutions and consideration of individual IP connectivity requirements.

Along with VSAT satellite Internet services BusinessCom offers proprietary IP bandwidth management and optimization solutions allowing our customers to effectively maximize Internet VSAT capacity payload and dramatically reduce operating expenditures. Additional VSAT Internet related BusinessCom services include premium quality Voice over IP, networking engineering, consultancy, installation, licensing and logistics, providing complete end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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