Dedicated Bandwidth

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) and DVB-S2X Services

BusinessCom® Dedicated Bandwidth services provide committed information rate (CIR) connectivity between any points on Earth, or between a remote site and BusinessCom teleport network for Internet access. Dedicated Bandwidth services are typically used for voice and data trunking, ISP backbone services or as enterprise backbones to carry large volume of data.


Dedicated bandwidth

Unlike TDMA-based services, BusinessCom dedicated circuits operating in Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) mode are not multiplexed and guarantee 100% CIR bandwidth rates all the time. The service can be configured to support symmetric or asymmetric bi-directional channel configurations to serve a variety of communication needs. BusinessCom terminates SCPC circuits either at terrestrial teleport facilities in Europe, the United States or any other point on Earth equipped with the BusinessCom SCPC VSAT terminal, as requested. This allows our customers to support a wide range of applications, including Internet and VoIP service provision, extensive data transfers, database synchronization, and many others, or to form star-topology enterprise WAN networks. Key highlights of BusinessCom® Dedicated Bandwidth circuits are:

  • From 64 kbps to 100s of Mbps
  • 100% CIR
  • High power satellite coverage in Ka, Ku and C frequency bands
  • Full Duplex SCPC and DVB-S2X platforms
  • 1:N redundancy options
  • 24/7 NOC technical support
  • Redundant Tier 1 connectivity to the Internet with BGP

Paired Carrier Multiple Access

Along with traditional SCPC and DVB-S2X services, BusinessCom provides dedicated paired carrier multiple access (PCMA) services. The technology is also known as Carrier-in-Carrier (CnC) or Bandwidth Cancellation (BWC). With PCMA, both uplink and downlink carriers overlap within the same frequency space on the satellite transponder, reducing the total amount of allocated transponder bandwidth required to support a bi-directional satellite link by up to 50%. This allows to significantly reduce the end user’s cost per bit, especially for highly symmetric links carrying voice, video or mixed traffic.

Such PCMA-enabled dedicated bandwidth services are available from BusinessCom on a variety of platforms, including Comtech EF Data and Newtec, with both serial and Ethernet interfaces. Our engineers are familiar with PCMA link budgets and will assist configuring a high-performance satellite solution for any dedicated bandwidth requirement.

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