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The Impact of Satellite Telecommunications

BusinessCom is committed to ensuring that everybody has the chance to improve their lives no matter where they are on the Earth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

No business is an island and it is not just a way of generating profits. All stakeholders in our business and the wider community as a whole are affected by how we run our organisation on a daily basis. BusinessCom practices CSR and is continually looking and checking on how our business is impacting on society in general. CSR can be applied to everything we do and everyone we deal with. CSR isn’t just about doing what you think is correct. CSR is about being responsible on a daily basis and working with other businesses that share the same views.

As part of our ongoing CSR philosophy we work closely with Non Government Organizations supplying a unique package or products and services to assist community enhancing projects in impoverished communities in developing countries. This includes favourable pricing structures and free equipment in some cases. By providing these products and services to NGO’s we believe that we are helping community development in a more sustainable fashion.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Education for life

Even with a basic education a persons life can be greatly improved as with knowledge comes power. The power to find a job, the power to earn an income and the power to survive. This is especially true in the remoter areas of the globe where learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic can greatly improve a childs chances of finding real work in the future. As these sub cultures around the world begin to grow it is important that children and adults have access to the tools that we all take for granted. One of these tools is the Internet. By giving people in remote areas access to this knowledge cloud we can provide distance learning applications to schools and colleges alike giving them the opportunity to impart a better educational experience that they had before. Imagine the wonderment in a childs eyes as they witness pictures of things they had only ever dreamed of.

BusinessCom provides International Internet via satellite to these regions and through our Corporate Social Responsibilty program we provide these services and products at special rates for charities, non government organizations (NGOs) and other non profit making businesses. BusinessCom also supports scientific missions, such as OEWF Mars 2013 in Morocco.

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