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Dedicated Satellite Trunking and Services for ISPs

Going beyond the reach of hard wired communication solutions, the BusinessCom satellite Internet service takes you that extra distance to develop new markets.

Internet access anywhere, anytime

Internet Service Providers recognize that there is a huge, untapped market of prospective subscribers who remain without access to the Internet or, more importantly, to the rest of the global economy.  Broadband VSAT services provide a way for ISPs, large and small, to extend connectivity to this hungry market.  BusinessCom supports ISP clients throughout emerging markets around the world with solutions appropriate to the ISP’s customer requirements.  Leveraging our vast experience in supporting ISPs, we will propose and deliver the best service for the business opportunity at hand.  We have a range of service solutions on Ku and C-band platforms and we will work with ISPs to determine which solution is optimum for the climatic conditions where the service will be delivered.

The appropriate service for your requirements

BusinessCom provides TDMA services delivering a combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth, supporting as much as 6Mbps x 2Mbps on some satellites.  These services are appropriate for smaller ISPs or Cyber Café operations.  The dedicated bandwidth guarantees a minimum level of service as well as support for real-time applications such as VoIP or video conferencing.  The shared bandwidth allows subscribers to burst to higher levels supporting faster downloads.  We also provide solutions that provide shared bandwidth on the download and dedicated SCPC bandwidth on the upload.  DVB/SCPC and newer, more efficient DVB-S2/SCPC services allow ISPs to support larger and more diverse services by leveraging the efficiencies of larger hub-based DVB or DVB-S2 platforms with guaranteed SCPC on the upload.  DVB-S2 circuits are capable of delivering as much as 155 Mbps.  SCPC/SCPC services provide high speed guaranteed bandwidth without any dependency on multi-client shared bandwidth platforms with similar bandwidth levels as DVB-S2.  However for those ISPs who wish to support service in a variety of locations, BusinessCom can provide hosting and shared bandwidth platform solutions managed by the ISP.

ISPs in particular understand the 90% rule which says 10% of users will try to use 90% of the available bandwidth.  They recognize the importance of managing their valuable bandwidth in order to maximize profits and provide all subscribers with fair access to the available services.  BusinessCom understands the critical need for managing valuable resources and has been supporting satellite-based clients, both enterprise and ISP with a bandwidth management solution optimized for VSAT services.

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