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BusinessCom provides a complete, affordable telemedicine solution that can be deployed virtually anywhere on the planet. The solution provides satellite connectivity, high-definition (HD) videoconferecing, pan, tilt and zoom camera control and medical devices in a highly integrated solution. The hardware platform is based on the toolset used by NIH, UCSF, Stanford Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, NASA, Navy SEALs and many other organizations worldwide.


HD Videoconference

HD Video Calls
Patient-doctor interaction via Web
HIPAA Compliant

Telemedicine Kit

Telemedicine Equipment
Custom tailored with your choice of medical equipment

Container Clinic

Portable Container Clinic
Autonomous 20ft and 40ft Container Solutions

Medical Services Anywhere

BusinessCom® telemedicine solution is a single or multiple room clinic that can be customized to deliver a wide range of healthcare facilities and services. This could range from telemedicine exam room to emergency, dental, OB/GYN clinic, optometry suites and much more. It is designed to be a versatile, semi-permanent healthcare solution for remote locations, however it can be customized as a medical relief solution for disaster areas.

The clinic can be shipped and deployed virtually anywhere in the world. It comes equipped with BusinessCom satellite connectivity service, antenna and electronics, providing IP connectivity with encrypted video transmission support, HD video calling, remote controlled camera, as well as supports integration with a wide choice of medical equipment. The clinic can be solar, generator or grid powered, has air conditioning and running water. The basic model is based on the 5 kW Diesel generator, with 6 kW solar power system (panels, roof rack, inverter, charge controller and battiers) available as an option.

The telemedicine kit included can be integrated with a wide variety of medical equipment and supports real-time communications via satellite for the exchange of images and data from ultrasound, ECG, dermascopes, otoscopes, X-ray, stethoscopes, surgical fluoroscopes and many other medical devices. While doctor is observing the patient, the connectivity is encrypted with 256-bit AES cipher that allows to deliver the most secure communications transport.

Global Health

Key highlights of BusinessCom telemedicine solution are:

  • Fully autonomous, ready-to-use 20/40 ft container clinic
  • Deliver essential healthcare services worldwide
  • Economical, highly efficient telemedicine platform with HD quality
  • Real-time transmission of images and medical data
  • 256-bit AES security, FIPS-140-2 compliant
  • No complex IT infrastructure required

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