Enterprise Satellite WANs

Our satellite networks support mission critical business applications with secure, high-speed connections as global connectivity is a must have in today’s business environment.

Enterprise WANs just got wider

In today’s technology centric world IP connectivity is the driver that enables business success, and for many businesses bringing remote locations into the corporate network is key to maintaining their competitive advantage. IP traffic embraces most of the organization’s daily routines, providing greater efficiencies, lower operating costs and increased productivity. BusinessCom Enterprise satellite broadband delivers these cutting edge technologies to your organization almost anywhere in the world. Fast, reliable and affordable connectivity allows you to roll out your business applications no matter where you are or how remote. Our technology is trusted by enterprises large and small, to support mission critical IP applications across organizations integrating both terrestrial and satellite networks and platforms.


Our VSAT services offer a unique combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth to support Voice, Data and Video applications for Enterprise networks. Our platform is easy to roll out across your organization with minimum disruption to your business. Our network efficiently supports all your voice, data and video communications requirements with high network uptime.

The services we propose to enterprises are selected according to the task at hand and are optimized for sites that require more attention and care. Difficult to come by in the VSAT industry, our services guarantee performance by way of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering guaranteed quality of service with more than 98.2% annual network uptime. Service packages start at 64Kbps and go up to multi-megabit links with customizable BIR to CIR ratios and individual QoS (Quality of Service) setup per each remote. Paying back real dollars for outages, there is an incentive to host a very reliable service, and it expresses the confidence we have in our enterprise services. Providers often quote dedicated capacity referred to as CIR (Committed Information Rate), but have no SLA to guarantee that CIR is available when real-time applications such as VoIP require it. We do. We also support customized QoS profiles designed to prioritize mission-critical applications over those that are less important, as well as ensuring business-class voice and video. A higher level of technical support is also provided on a 24 x 7 basis. Finally the top level service has geographic IP management allowing enterprises to specify which country the IP addresses will be registered to. Without this, a site connected to a teleport in Europe for example, may default to Google or Yahoo Germany instead of the US, requiring a manual connection to the correct site.

Other BusinessCom services offer many of the same features, but for smaller, less complicated sites, customized QoS, geographic IP support, SLAs, and technical support are not as full-featured. For example, while technical support is available 24 x 7 on both service platforms, some tasks may only be scheduled during normal business hours.

BusinessCom also deliver services using SCPC or other platforms when the client needs those particular capabilities.


  • Government
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Healthcare (Public & Private)
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Construction
  • Military

Key Applications:

  • Web Access
  • E-mail & Unified Messaging
  • Data Access & File Transfer
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Videoconferencing
  • Site To Site Continuity

Extending our reach to service your requirements

BusinessCom’s mainstay services encompass practically the entire eastern hemisphere. Through relationships with partner operators, we are able to deliver CONUS, Central/South American and maritime services as well.

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