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Advantage IP VSAT Solution offers redundant access to major European backbones through VersaTel, M-Net and KPN EuroRings networks. We support both static and BGP routing with exceptional network uptime guaranteed by Service Level Agreement.


A two way solution with inclined orbit satellites

The BusinessCom® Advantage IP VSAT equipment supports inclined orbit satellites. The service can be provided as 2-way bi-directional DVB-S2/SCPC that relies on satellite uplink or, downlink only DVB-S2 configuration that works in tandem with terrestrial IP uplinks.

BusinessCom® Advantage IP VSAT solution is based on the traditional Single Carrier Per Channel (SCPC) uplink and highly innovative DVB-S2 downlink technologies providing reliable around-the-clock connectivity to first tier European Internet backbones. The solution includes Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) package that supports QoS and advanced bandwidth management systems enabling mixed voice, data and video traffic transmission with guaranteed quality. Advantage IP VSAT also features built-in Network Intrusion Detection System, Layer 7 Firewall, Centralized Remote Administration Service, HTTP traffic compression, Web and DNS cache and many more features, making this an ideal satellite backbone solution for modern IP networks.

Product examples

Outdoor Unit (ODU) example:

  • Motorized VSAT antenna

Indoor (IDU) CPE package includes:

  • Antenna Controller
  • Comtech EF Data CDM-series SCPC modulator
  • Ipricot or Newtec Elevation DVB-S2 demodulator
  • Cisco Router with FastEthernet Interface facing LAN
  • BusinessCom® Sentinel
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