Satellite Coverage Maps

Americas and the Atlantic

Americas and the Atlantic

Anik F1 - 107° West

Ku-band, South America Beam

Intelsat Galaxy 19 - 97° West

Ku-band, North America Beam

Intelsat IS-14 - 45° West

C-band, Americas Beam

Intelsat IS-23 - 53° West

Ku-band, North Latin America Beam

SES 6 - 40° West

C-band, Hemi West Beam

SES-14 - 47° West

Ku-band, VPEC Beam

Telstar 11N - 37° West

Ku-band, Atlantic Ocean Beam

Telstar 11N - 37° West

Ku-band, North and Central America Beam

Telstar 12 Vantage - 15° West

Ku-band, Caribbean Beam

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