Indonesia’s SATRIA-1 Satellite is Connected and Set for 2024

by Yuri Nikolaenko

Massive Satellite SATRIA-1 from Indonesia is Ready to Operate

Jan 17, 2024

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Indonesia’s telecommunications industry recently marked a significant advancement with the successful testing of SATRIA-1, the country’s newest internet satellite. The state-owned Telecommunication and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) conducted connectivity trials throughout Indonesia that demonstrated the satellite’s operational readiness ahead of its scheduled launch in early 2024.

Falcon 9 rocket launches SATRIA-1 communications satellite for Indonesia. Credit: Space X

The trials, which enabled an internet video call over SATRIA-1’s connection, were held in Manokwari, Jayapura, Ambon, Batam, Kupang, and Banjarbaru. BAKTI officials expressed confidence in the results, which verify SATRIA-1’s ability to provide high-quality internet access to remote regions upon commencement of service.

The $550 million SATRIA-1 project represents a collaborative effort between the Indonesian government and a consortium of domestic telecom providers to expand digital infrastructure. Manufactured by Thales Alenia Space and launched by SpaceX in June 2022, the high-throughput satellite has a capacity of 150 Gbps. The ambitious initiative aims to deliver reliable, affordable internet connectivity to thousands of rural schools, medical facilities, and government institutions across Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. By serving remote areas that lack terrestrial access, SATRIA-1 will help bridge the nation’s urban-rural digital divide.

Equipped with powerful HTS spot beam technology, SATRIA-1 can concentrate capacity over specific regions. Its steerable beams also enable flexibility in directing bandwidth to high-demand areas. Dedicated high-power beams may focus connectivity over major islands like Java and Sumatra. This combination of extensive reach and targeted beams allows SATRIA-1 to maximize throughput potential across Indonesia’s vast geography. Experts have praised the satellite’s advanced capabilities and coverage spanning the entire national territory.

Following final preparations, SATRIA-1 is scheduled to initiate commercial operations in early 2024. The high-performance satellite is expected to have a wide-ranging socioeconomic impact by enabling reliable connectivity across sectors like education, healthcare, and governance. For example, students can access virtual learning, patients can consult doctors remotely via video conferencing, and government institutions can efficiently share data between islands. SATRIA-1 will also power public welfare initiatives like the Indonesia Healthnet telemedicine program and a plan to provide free WiFi to 3,000 rural villages.

As SATRIA-1 comes online, it will complement infrastructure from Indonesia’s PSN-6 satellite and introduce a vital new capacity for internet service providers. In addition to serving end-users, experts predict SATRIA-1 will be an in-demand resource for cellular network backhaul and enterprise connectivity. By harnessing cutting-edge satellite technology to connect its vast and highly dispersed population, Indonesia is cementing its position as a regional leader in telecommunications. The realization of ambitious projects like SATRIA-1 demonstrates the country’s strong commitment to digital inclusion and connectivity for all citizens regardless of geography.

The smooth execution of SATRIA-1’s functionality evaluations across Indonesia was a major prerequisite to operationalization. Officials expressed satisfaction with the connectivity, speed, and performance achieved over the satellite’s links during testing. These successful trials bode well for SATRIA-1’s commercial operations early this year when all technical and administrative preparations are complete. With testing clearing its final operational hurdle, Indonesia’s most advanced internet satellite to date is poised to start delivering immense socioeconomic benefits through vastly expanded connectivity.

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