Key Approval Opens Path for OneWeb’s Satellite Connectivity in India

by Yuri Nikolaenko

OneWeb Prepares to Deploy Satellite Connectivity in India

Jan 13, 2024

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Eutelsat OneWeb has secured authorization from Indian space authorities to provide satellite-based internet services pending government spectrum allocation, clearing the way to transform connectivity nationwide.

Eutelsat HQ. Credit: Eutelsat

OneWeb India, the joint venture’s local operating company, obtained critical clearance from the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) to launch commercial operations once the final licensing step is completed. As the first organization to receive such approval, OneWeb has cemented pioneer status in India’s rapidly growing space sector.

The authorization enables OneWeb to deploy its advanced low Earth orbit satellite network to supply high-speed internet access and supplementary solutions across the country. With its cutting-edge space technologies and new regulatory backing, the company now stands ready to revolutionize the availability and accessibility of digital services in India.

OneWeb has already obtained other critical licenses from the Indian Department of Telecommunications in addition to the IN-SPACe clearance. The company also has conditional consent to construct two gateway ground stations in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu to link its satellites to on-the-ground infrastructure. Once established, these connections will allow OneWeb’s network to provide low-latency, high-speed satellite broadband across India.

The approvals come as space companies like OneWeb as well as billionaire-backed ventures Amazon and Reliance Jio race to secure market share in India’s promising internet space. While firms jockey for position, the government has yet to finalize licensing approaches and spectrum allocation mechanisms that would actually allow services to commence.

Nonetheless, OneWeb has diligently navigated regulatory requirements in conjunction with Eutelsat to ready its revolutionary satellite network for national deployment. With the Modi administration actively fostering commercial space players as the 2024 elections loom, the joint venture put itself in a pole position to capitalize when the final license gets cleared.

“Eutelsat OneWeb is ready to deploy as soon as it receives the final spectrum authorization to launch commercial services,” said OneWeb board member Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Beyond bridging connectivity gaps, OneWeb’s network promises to spur innovation and emerging technologies that can drive inclusive growth in India. Expanded Internet access empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses that form economic engines for the country. OneWeb’s commitment to enabling digital advancement reflects a broader nation-building mission aligned with national interests.

With most regulatory hurdles now crossed, OneWeb appears poised to unleash universal, satellite-powered connectivity set to profoundly impact millions of lives. The company’s tireless efforts to ready affordable, reliable services should soon come to fruition if the spectrum gets allocated as hoped.

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