Next-Gen In-Motion Connectivity Enabled by Kymeta and OneWeb

by Yuri Nikolaenko

Flat Panel Terminal Enables Mobile Vehicle Satellite Access

Jan 21, 2024

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Kymeta, a pioneering manufacturer of flat panel satellite antennas, has secured approval for land mobile use of its Hawk u8 terminal on the low earth orbit (LEO) satellite system operated by Eutelsat OneWeb. The compact, low-power Hawk u8 represents a major step forward as the first flat panel antenna sanctioned for in-motion applications on OneWeb’s network.

The Kymeta FPA installed on a vehicle. Credit: BusinessCom Networks

This authorization enables a new chapter of on-the-move connectivity for vehicles requiring high-performance broadband in transit. Renowned for mobile communications systems since debuting its first offering in 2017, Kymeta can now facilitate continuous connectivity for all vehicles whether halted or in motion. Leveraging Eutelsat OneWeb’s enterprise-grade LEO constellation, the Hawk u8 provides seamless, globetrotting access.

Originally made public last March, the cooperation between Kymeta and Eutelsat Group envisioned certifying the Hawk u8 for land mobility to make seamless global satellite communications a reality. This trailblazing flat panel terminal supplies the throughput and dependability requisite for unbroken connectivity in transport.

Walter Berger, Kymeta President, and Co-CEO, commented that this was an exhilarating time as they observed leading sectors like crisis response, trucking fleets, and rail wanting to harness mobile broadband to revolutionize their operations. He added that the day represented a milestone for Kymeta because it embodied their collective pledge with Eutelsat Group to establish satellite communications in motion around the world.

Echoing the significance of this benchmark, Eutelsat Group Chief Operations Officer Massimiliano Ladovaz stated that Kymeta provided a high-output, low-power, fully integrated suite of high-capacity mobile terminals and that Eutelsat OneWeb’s LEO satellite network would furnish Kymeta users access to swift, low-latency broadband regardless of movement or location globally.

Enabled by its electronically directed phased array antenna lacking moving components, the Hawk u8 maintains dependable communications amid transit. Its software-steered beam switching enables smooth transitions between satellites and coverage zones. Weighing under 9 pounds, the terminal can be mounted on cars, trucks, buses, trains, and first responder vehicles.

Kymeta’s antenna solutions transform connectivity for mobile industries. Public transport can be equipped with onboard WiFi via trains and buses. Commercial fleets benefit from telematics, navigation tools, and entertainment for drivers. First responders gain real-time maps, databases, and video feeds while responding to incidents. For defense users, the Hawk u8 facilitates communications on pause and communications on the move (COTM). Maneuvering tactical teams stay interconnected via satellite in the field. Command vehicles maintain secure high-bandwidth links throughout operations spanning vast geography.

The Eutelsat OneWeb constellation harnesses 650 low-earth orbit satellites to deliver comprehensive coverage globally. Its singular system architecture minimizes latency down to 50 milliseconds. With customizable bandwidth options from 50 Mbps to 375 Mbps per signal, OneWeb supports the throughput crucial for mobile video, telemetry, and data. By uniting Kymeta’s cutting-edge antenna with Eutelsat’s LEO range and scope, clients obtain reliable communications everywhere. For transport-dependent sectors, this package provides the global reach, speed, security, and capabilities essential to modern mobile work.

Whether crossing remote wilds or congested metropolises, the Hawk u8 terminal guarantees nonstop connectivity. Kymeta and Eutelsat have achieved a new bar for in-motion satellite broadband. This formidable on-the-move capability promises to benefit uncounted mobile applications across public and private organizations.

As Kymeta and Eutelsat usher in a new era of mobile satellite communications, BusinessCom Networks are pioneering advanced solutions to maximize this technology. BusinessCom offers proprietary enhancements to standard OneWeb infrastructure through exclusive services like BusinessCom OneWeb. Covering 35° north latitude and beyond, BusinessCom OneWeb includes proprietary capabilities like MSO, Secure Link, and other exclusive features not found in other OneWeb service offerings. This provides additional value to empower organizations to future-proof their networks.

If you have any questions about the estimated roll-out of services in your region or any satellite deployment needs, please contact us. Let BusinessCom OneWeb services propel you into the future of connectivity.

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