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by Patrick Gannon


May 14, 2015

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BusinessCom’s Satellite Broadband Internet Provider – Your Space and Earth Telecom


BusinessCom Networks delivers a wide range of integrated broadband satellite solutions across the globe. Our core mission is to supply satellite broadband Internet access, integrated business network solutions and turn-key projects to our customers.

Having access to an extensive fleet of satellites, BusinessCom Networks is one of the world’s most flexible and experienced providers of satellite data and voice connectivity. BusinessCom’s success is founded on offering our customers the most advanced satellite connectivity solutions available with true vendor independence, on developing customer focused relationships and maintaining the highest standards of technical excellence and responsibility. Innovation lies at the heart of the BusinessCom growth story. Our commitment to market research and our leadership in implementing new technologies opens the satellite market up to an even broader range of users and applications. A key component of our value lies in the skills of the men and women who work at BusinessCom. This technical expertise brings a clear understanding of international and local markets and creates a rich corporate environment.

Our success is associated with a commitment to technologies and standards that lower the barrier to entry for users and drive down equipment costs. BusinessCom was one of the first satellite Internet Service Providers to deliver the Deterministic TDMA technology to the Eastern Hemisphere which is now a globally accepted reference for stable and reliable corporate Internet access service.
BusinessCom’s strength is built on top of the solid partnerships established with the world’s leading satellite industry innovators. Geographic expansion is a really important focus for our growth in order to serve users who have requirements for intercontinental or regional communications.


With technical excellence and customer needs at the centre of our development and growth strategy, we are committed to providing capacity and building partnerships for new applications and services, particularly in the market for Internet services. By drawing on our skills in interactive networks engineering we have introduced new Internet services together with a network of partners. These services include fully satellite-based connectivity solutions for companies and local communities based on SCPC, DVB-S2/ACM and iDirect Infiniti and Evolution platforms that deliver voice data and video at a variety of bandwidth rates suitable to your requirements.

TDMA Satellite Connectivity: BusinessCom Shared Bandwidth Services

BusinessCom shared bandwidth services are broadband satellite Internet connectivity solutions for residential customers and commercial enterprises with a wide choice of service packages for all types of subscribers – from Small Office/Home Office to Internet Cáfe, to enterprise organizations, government and military. Targeted at commercial enterprises, multimedia networks and regional Internet Service Providers, BusinessCom iDirect services, in conjunction with BusinessCom Sentinel Bandwidth Management server is the perfect solution for organizations that want a reliable, well managed and efficient broadband satellite service that empowers their business.

Featuring an extended amount of dedicated CIR bandwidth, a flexible service package choice and a strong SLA, BusinessCom iDirect services perform far better than the competition.

Dedicated Satellite Connectivity:

DVB-S2/ACM and Full Duplex SCPC Services

By utilizing the world’s latest technological innovations, BusinessCom dedicated circuits are able to reach one of the best spectral efficiency benchmarks and thus the best price per bit for the customer, whether voice, video and data carriers, regional Internet Service Providers or corporate backbones.

Turn-key Backbone Connectivity Solutions

For global service providers and established voice, video and data carriers with multi-megabit demands and requirements for increased reliability, BusinessCom offers complete turn-key connectivity solutions on an end-to-end basis. Our turn-key proposals cover the whole spectrum: from VSAT equipment to licensing support and complete on-site maintenance, virtually anywhere in the world.

Private Network Solutions

Enterprise organizations, satellite service providers and Value Added Resellers can easily start their own private networks with BusinessCom. Private networks are available in several configurations and enable organizations to link their remote offices securely to corporate datacenters with or without Internet access. Service providers can build private services leveraging the in-place facilities and investments in the teleport. BusinessCom offers the complete range of VNO, GQoS and Hub based solutions on a number of strategically placed teleports in Europe and the USA and these offer outstanding terrestrial fiber optic backbone connectivity, collocation opportunities, a wide VSAT platform choice and broad satellite coverage.

Telephony Solutions

As one of the primary value-adds to our main services – the satellite connectivity, BusinessCom offers VoIP solutions to provide the end customer with call termination to worldwide PSTN, DID services, PBX and billing solutions with peering through the world’s leading networks.

BusinessCom Satellite Fleet

With capacity commercialized on an extensive spacecraft fleet in an orbital arc from West to East, BusinessCom’s market presence now stretches from United States right through to the Pacific.

In addition to high-power Ku-band capacity, we offer C-Band capacity throughout all the Africa, Asia, CIS and Middle East countries. BusinessCom offers the full range of Internet access services on the following Ku and C-Band satellites:

  • APT APstar IIR
  • Telesat Telstar-11N, Telstar-12 and Telstar-18
  • SES World Skies NSS-7, NSS-10 and NSS-12
  • Eutelsat W6, W48 and W7
  • Intelsat IS-1002 and IS-10
  • Gascom Yamal-200
  • Arabsat BADR-4
  • SatMex 6

Satellite Wide Area Networking has emerged as the clear leader in broadband technologies where organizations have offices that are widely dispersed around the globe and often in locations where there is no traditional communications infrastructure. They choose satellite WAN technology because with a single satellite service provider there are fewer points of failure than a terrestrial alternative (if there is one) and uniform service levels in place. Also, such networks can be deployed quickly should a rapid response be required.

BusinessCom’s Satellite WAN solutions feature advanced star/mesh topology network configuration with a single satellite hop between your offices. Such a configuration enables our customers to establish business quality site-to- site Voice over IP and high quality video conferencing connections between the remote locations with the minimal delay and highest quality possible.

BusinessCom Networks will guide organizations through the choices available for interconnecting their remote VSAT- based sites. This can range from VLANs on standard commercial services, to Private Networks leveraging iDirect GQoS, or Virtual Network Operators, operating securely and independently.


High Quality Voice, Video and Data

Today, modern businesses operate in a technology centric world and IP connectivity is the key to driving businesses forward. In order to maintain a competitive advantage bringing remote locations into the corporate network is the key to fluid communication and decision making and enterprise organizations utilize many different applications to ensure that their business operates in the most efficient manner. VoIP, Citrix, Lotus Notes and VPNs can all be easily implemented into a BusinessCom Networks communication topology, as can media rich web applications such as videoconferencing or telemedicine, for example. Our networks support organizations who wish to roll out enhanced CRM applications or maybe introduce new and innovative ERP initiatives to their remote offices so that everybody has access to the same corporate tools. Our networks also support everyday community services such as ATM machines, electronic billing, education and health care in rural areas where traditional methods of communications are either not available, antiquated or simply inadequate for the speed of today’s technologies.

BusinessCom Networks has been at the forefront of implementing cutting edge IP satellite broadband networks for nearly a decade.


Shared and Dedicated IP Backbones

Internet Service Providers recognize that there is a huge, untapped market of prospective subscribers who remain without access to the Internet or, more importantly, to the rest of the global economy. For global ISPs, entrepreneurs and IT professionals alike, BusinessCom offers exclusive satellite solutions to deliver regional and global ISP networks to any point in the world, with very high spectral efficiency often resulting in reduced hardware and/or service costs. Broadband VSAT services provide a way for ISPs, large and small, to extend connectivity to this hungry market. BusinessCom supports ISP clients throughout emerging markets around the world with our custom solutions appropriate to the ISP’s customer requirements. Leveraging our vast experience in supporting ISPs, we will propose and deliver the best service for the business opportunity at hand. We have a range of service solutions on Ku and C-band platforms and we will work with ISPs to determine which solution is optimum for the climatic conditions where the service will be delivered. Utilizing the latest innovations such as DVB-S2/ACM technology and error correcting LDPC codecs, BusinessCom Networks dedicated satellite connectivity services are reaching the frontiers of the Shannon limit. This allows us to deliver truly the best price and performance possible.

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