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Satellite Internet Access Service

Guaranteed Quality of Service alongside flexibility, reliability, scalability and security makes the BusinessCom® VSAT service one of leading VSAT solutions for consumers in today’s competitive market.

BusinessCom VSAT

BusinessCom® VSAT services are designed to support voice and data networks with guaranteed Quality of Service. Unlike other VSAT service providers, BusinessCom practices an application centric approach making sure every customer gets the most efficient satellite connectivity solution backed up by a reliable SLA. Our VSAT services fully support Voice over IP and Videoconferencing as well as business applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), CITRIX, ERP and EFT. The VSAT services BusinessCom offer range from DTH and Office to Enterprise, Military and Government and include Wireless Hot Spot, ISP and VoIP carriers.

To provide 1st Tier broadband Internet access, BusinessCom allows direct satellite channel connectivity between the customer’s CPE and ground based teleport facilities in Europe or the United States. BusinessCom provides both BIR and CIR bandwidth levels over TDMA and FDMA VSAT service platforms. We support static IP routing, RIPv2 and BGP for carrier class VSAT services such as BusinessCom® Dedicated Backbone Connectivity. For IP data services BusinessCom offers compression and acceleration technology based on BusinessCom® Sentinel platform and DataPlex at both ends of the satellite path. At the same time, VoicePlex enabled BusinessCom service allows for double the VoIP concurrent call capacity compared to traditional circuits running bare SIP from other VSAT providers.

By using TCP acceleration built into the VSAT service modems, our customers are now able to deploy secured and accelerated SSL/TLS based VPN networks over satellite, without having to invest in VPN acceleration appliances. For IPSec VPN we apply proven compression and acceleration technology to maximize bandwidth efficiency. Enterprise networks can leverage full Mesh topology VSAT service to have direct secured single satellite hop VoIP and Video over IP communications channel between branches bypassing the Hub, with guaranteed QoS. This eliminates overheads allowing lower operating expenditures for better level of service. At the same time, the VSAT services technology we provide supports QoS that can be fully mapped to LSP of the ground segment MPLS backbone.

To deliver VSAT services, BusinessCom employs a range of Ku and C-Band geostationary satellite spacecrafts from a number of esteemed operators such as Eutelsat, Telesat and Intelsat. This provides worldwide service availability to support all connectivity demands and extensive VSAT services network growth.

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