Very Small Aperture Terminal Services

BusinessCom® offers VSAT satellite telecommunications services for a wide range of applications – from broadband Internet access, to business connectivity, backhauls for internet service providers, mobile network operators, redundant and independent private network connectivity for organizations across a wide range of industries.

Internet Connectivity from Low Earth Orbit

Leveraging our extensive satellite fleet with coverage spanning Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, we provide internet connectivity to enable communications globally. Our BusinessCom OneWeb service is tailored for business and government usage and provides fiber-like broadband access anywhere in the world.

10 Mbps
50 Mbps
100 Mbps
150 Mbps

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations are the next generation of connectivity services, enabling 3-5 times lower latency, if compared to legacy satellites and in many cases surpassing terrestrial and submarine fiber optic links.

BusinessCom OneWeb is optimized to support all modern SaaS and cloud applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and others. It is the first non-geostationary solution purpose-built to provide fully unlimited, enterprise-grade connectivity with SLA and dedicated bandwidth.

Geostationary Satellites

BusinessCom iDirect Broadband service provides internet access anywhere through Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites. It supports all IP-based voice, data, and video applications with 99.5% SLA. A range of bandwidth options are offered, delivering up to 50 Mbps speeds, depending on the satellite beam coverage.

The remote VSAT terminal only requires electricity to operate, either from AC power or a solar photovoltaic system. The iDirect Broadband service provides unlimited data with a dedicated committed information rate bandwidth allocation to support streaming applications.

The iDirect Broadband is available across multiple frequency bands, including Ku-band and C-band. BusinessCom selects the optimal frequency to assure high availability in any climate condition. This enables supporting mission-critical applications even in tropical regions and monsoon seasons.

Private Satellite Networks

For business clients and organizations with multiple remote sites, BusinessCom provides private satellite networking on various VSAT platforms including iDirect, Comtech EF Data, Newtec, and UHP. A remote site with a VSAT connection can be seamlessly integrated into any terrestrial IP network. A private network can be configured to operate within existing shared carriers on the satellite, minimizing provisioning time and enabling dynamic on-the-fly bandwidth scaling as sites are added/removed or bandwidth/QoS settings are changed.


BusinessCom Dedicated Bandwidth services provide 100% CIR, fully dedicated connectivity globally, and are ideal as backbone and trunking solutions for internet service providers and mobile operators. Remote VSATs can be configured to support any bandwidth from 64 kbps to multiple hundred Mbps with uptime exceeding 99.5% or 99.9%.

BusinessCom utilizes satellite platforms from leading vendors like Comtech EF Data, UHP, and Newtec to deliver dedicated services with maximum spectral efficiency and optimal cost per bit/s.

For all projects, BusinessCom can provide a full turn-key service encompassing VSAT equipment and delivery, professional installation, and on-site maintenance. For clients with mission-critical applications, BusinessCom offers fully redundant systems, 1:1 or greater, for both the satellite and ground infrastructure. Various network architectures, such as hub-and-spoke (star) and mesh are supported based on the organization’s requirements.

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