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Technical Support

Please notice we recommend to call our NOC in case of emergency, as this enables priority service.


NOC Numbers:

US/Canada Toll Free 1-855-VSAT-NOC

International 1-703-651-5857

When calling our NOC, please specify your BusinessCom Service Code or the Terminal ID. Service code usually appears in the form of Sxxyyy, whereby <xx> and <yyy> are 2 and 3-symbol codes, e.g.: SPG832. Service codes appear on all the invoices you receive from BusinessCom. We will also be able to identify you by name and e-mail address if they match any contacts specified in the contract.If you do not know the Service Code, then please specify the following information to identify your satellite terminal:

in case of iDirect-enabled services: site ID or terminal ID assigned by BusinessCom staff upon activation, or serial number of the satellite router;

in case of DVB-RCS services: MAC address of your ViaSat satellite modem;

in case of Dedicated Bandwidth Services (DVB and SCPC platforms) and all other BusinessCom services: site ID assigned by BusinessCom staff upon activation.

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Technical Support