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Oct 22, 2018

Managing services on an extensive satellite fleet, BusinessCom® is one of the world's most flexible and competitive VSAT broadband satellite service providers. With satellite coverage stretching from the Americas to the Pacific, our core business is to provide clients with internet or private IP networks, integrated business network solutions, and turn-key projects.


iDirect Broadband Internet Access

iDirect broadband satellite services offer a unique combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth options to support basic internet access and private networks. The services support voice, data and video applications; enterprise networks; distance learning; disaster recovery; e-Commerce; ISP and internet café businesses; military, government and mission-critical applications. Backed by the BusinessCom® Service Level Agreement (SLA), our iDirect-enabled satellite internet service delivers guaranteed quality of service with more than 99.5% annual network uptime. Our iDirect Broadband services provide a wide range of options, delivering as much as 20 Mbps x 2 Mbps of bandwidth depending on the satellite beam. Service is available with Standard sharing designed to support typical enterprise clients, as well as Premium sharing designed to support higher bandwidth requirements or more voice and video traffic. These services are customizable to meet the client’s specific requirements.

BusinessCom Networks, building on iDirect's acknowledged business connectivity standard worldwide, provides an integrated solution that raises the bar. BusinessCom delivers a solution that includes a VSAT terminal capable of becoming a comprehensive networking control center, at the remote site. With BusinessCom’s decade of innovation, the VSAT terminal is now smarter, not just a platform to push packets back and forth. Our solution delivers bandwidth management, optimization and acceleration, firewall, authentication, VPN, fail-over, load balancing, real-time reporting and monitoring, and many other advanced networking services, without adding anything to the cost. These advanced monitoring and management features allow us to deploy efficient remote networks without wasting satellite capacity or investing in expensive equipment. The result is the delivery of a better broadband experience for the end user.

Service coverage is global, with just about everything except the far northern and southern reaches of the globe serviced by a range of regional, global and maritime services based on the integrated BusinessCom VSAT terminal. Services are available in various regions on C-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band. The iDirect Broadband services support both fixed and mobile applications. All services are supported with our 24x7x365 NOC service, manned by highly experienced engineers proficient in both IP networking and satellite technology.


Dedicated Bandwidth Connectivity

BusinessCom Dedicated Bandwidth Services deliver fully dedicated bandwidth, with an SLA that guarantees uptime and quality of service. Dedicated services are often used for large VoIP termination projects, Video applications, ISP and WISP (Wireless ISP) installations, or to support many users at an organization. Dedicated bandwidth is often used to connect a remote site to the internet, or to directly connect a remote site such as a branch office, construction site or mining operation to another site in the organization, such as a data center.

Dedicated bandwidth is referred to as 100% CIR (Committed Information Rate), which means the client gets all the bandwidth, all the time. Supporting a range of modcods (modulation and coding), BusinssCom can offer dedicated services on a variety of platforms from vendors such as iDirect, UHP Networks, Comtech, Newtec and others, based on a range of satellite transmission standards such as DVB-S2/ACM and DVB-S2X/ACM among others.

BusinessCom delivers a complete service including VSAT equipment, installation services, and on-site maintenance. These services can be offered around much of the globe and are based on C-band and Ku-band satellites. For clients who have mission-critical applications, we can offer fully redundant systems from the VSAT hardware to even the satellite itself. A variety of network architectures are supported, such as star or mesh, depending on the needs of the organization.

Circuits that terminate in our internet hubs are connected to the internet with redundant peering from different Tier 1 internet backbone providers, and reside in highly redundant, secure teleports backed up with generator power. Full monitoring and management is provided, along with reporting so the client can see how their circuit is performing and who or what is using the capacity.

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