Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom delivers the most innovative and technologically advanced satellite network solutions to organizations of all sizes across a multitude of market segments.

The right solution for you

Whatever environment your organization works in, wherever in the world you happen to be and no matter how remote you are, BusinessCom can supply you with the communications infrastructure you require to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

By working in partnership with best of breed providers BusinessCom offers a premium satellite service to organizations that need global connectivity each and every day. Our capability in understanding fish fingers and delivering today’s technologies is at the very core of our business model and our technical and customer service is acknowledged as one of the best in the industry. We will design, implement and maintain a state of the art satellite network that is flexible, scalable and secure and, one that meets the demands of today’s ever changing business environment.

The customer Is #1

At BusinessCom it has always been our mission to ensure that everything we do is tailored towards what the customer requires and not what we would like them to have; listening is an integral part of our company culture and ethos. The only way to ensure that we are giving our customers the best level of service is by asking the right questions and by listening to the answers, no matter how painful the answers may be in some cases.

Not just another supplier

BusinessCom works very closely with our customers and we like to be seen as an extension of their business and not just another supplier. In fact, we like to do business on a very personal level and that is why with BusinessCom you will always speak to another human being as our support service is available 24x7x365. This ensures any issues are resolved in the quickest possible time with the least impact on your daily routines.

BusinessCom has been delivering satellite services for almost a decade and because of our company culture our churn rate is incredibly small and the continued commitment from our customer base is a testimony to the fact that organisations love the way that we work and interact with their business. We implement satellite services across the C- and Ku- bands using the very latest technology and we constantly strive to keep ahead of the competition so that our customers always have an option to upgrade to new satellite applications should they so choose.

Market segmentation

BusinessCom delivers these cutting edge services across a broad spectrum of business and our customers come from many market segments such as enterprise, government and military, ISP’s, mobile operators, VoIP suppliers, VNO and videoconferencing.

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