Why Satellite Broadband?

Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom offers a complete range of satellite broadband Internet solutions for home, business, government and military customers worldwide.

VSAT services

These systems are fully autonomous and require only electricity source and clear view to the sky to enable broadband satellite Internet access at virtually any point in the world. The real differentiators of BusinessCom broadband satellite solutions are:

  • Custom tailored service with true QoS (Quality of Service) support and customized QoS profiles precisely matching your applications and traffic flows
  • Dedicated, personalized 24/7 technical support, including extension to your LAN bandwidth management and optimization
  • Highest quality indoor electronics (IDU and ODU) and antenna reflectors
  • Integrated IP routing including built-in Ethernet ports, RIP2, VLAN tagging, TCP acceleration, IP and RTP compression, IGMPv2, DHCP, NAT and DNS caching all integrated in the satellite modem hardware
  • SLA with at least 98.2% annual network uptime guarantee
  • Full support for VoIP, Videoconferencing (VTC), VPN (IPSec, SSL-VPN, SSL/TLS, OpenVPN, CITRIX, UDP streaming applications and extensive IP data exchange such as database access and synchronization, file syncs and others
  • Broadband satellite Internet access via highly redundant teleport facilities in EU and United States with multiple fibre optic links to 1st Tier carriers.


The majority of satellite broadband services are built on a TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) channel access scheme and its derivatives. These schemes share a common satellite space segment resource among multiple remote terminals resulting in affordable pricing for the end users. Since satellite resources are limited, TDMA-based satellite broadband services require extensive expertise and resource planning from network operators to match quality of service compared to modern terrestrial broadband infrastructure. BusinessCom employs MF-TDMA (Multi-Frequency TDMA) and revolutionary D-TDMA (Deterministic TDMA) schemes that are the most sophisticated broadband by satellite technologies available on the market today. BusinessCom delivers its broadband satellite services to the world through a range of Ku and C-Band satellites, all on geosynchronous Earth orbit. BusinessCom VSAT terminals used for broadband by satellite services do not require any antenna tracking or complex motorized feed equipment.

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