OneWeb Introduces Compact Terminal for Military and Emergency Connectivity

by Yuri Nikolaenko

OneWeb’s New Terminal Can Fit Inside a Backpack!

Sep 24, 2023

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OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite operator, has launched a new portable broadband terminal designed for easy transport and rapid deployment in military and emergency response scenarios. Dubbed the FoldSat Leo Ku OW Mil, the compact user terminal (UT) packs satellite connectivity into a rugged, backpack-sized device for mobile missions beyond terrestrial network reach.

FoldSat Leo Terminal. Credit: OneWeb

OneWeb developed the terminal in collaboration with manufacturer Inster (part of the Oesia Group). Measuring just 452 x 374 x 114 mm when folded, the 11.8 kg FoldSat Leo is sized for hassle-free carrying in most standard rucksacks. It unfolds to 855 x 374 x 57 mm in operational configuration with the antenna deployed. The low-profile satellite antenna uses phased array technology in a slim form factor. It can be set up in minutes virtually anywhere for instant LEO satellite access. The FoldSat Leo delivers high-speed duplex connectivity with up to 195 Mbps download and 32 Mbps upload over OneWeb’s network.

“Maritime, air or land forces operating at the tactical edge require high-quality connectivity in all environmental conditions,” Air Vice-Marshal (Ret.) Chris Moore, VP of Defense and Security at OneWeb, said in a statement. “In highly dynamic situations, the ability to access information wherever and whenever it’s needed provides competitive advantage coupled with person-portability – when wheels, tracks, and rotor blades are not an option, making this terminal a real game changer. The pizza box-sized FoldSat LEo user terminal, is lightweight, quick, and efficient to deploy, yet still provides high speed, resilient connectivity, an ideal portable solution for those in the most testing of locations.”

OneWeb designed the terminal for extreme portability without sacrificing durability. FoldSat Leo complies with MIL-STD 810H standards for operation in harsh environments, undergoing rigorous tests for shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and other conditions. It also meets MIL-STD 461G requirements for electromagnetic interference. With its compact size and lightweight build, FoldSat Leo is optimized for highly mobile missions from forward operating bases to special operations. It gives defense and government users reliable backhaul and communications in a rapidly deployable package. Whether mounted vehicle-side or carried in the field, it enables broadband connectivity anywhere within OneWeb’s LEO footprint.

The terminal’s Wi-Fi access point can broadcast connectivity up to 100 meters to create an instant hotspot for troop connectivity. It supports common security and encryption standards for secure military communications. FoldSat Leo also accepts external GNSS input for positioning in GPS-denied situations.

Power options are flexible with support for mains supply, external batteries, vehicle sources, or solar panels. The streamlined power system minimizes draw while maintaining full throughput. With robust construction, intuitive setup, and versatile power modes, FoldSat Leo keeps users connected in the most challenging contexts.

OneWeb designed the new portable terminal to answer the growing demand for “bring your own” connectivity solutions. Military and government users require portable, easy-to-use terminals to tap satellite networks quickly on the move. Whether for expeditionary missions, border security, or emergency response, FoldSat Leo delivers a full broadband and voice-over-IP capable terminal in an ultralight, hardy package.

According to OneWeb, FoldSat Leo is the first of a series of user terminals designed for government markets. The company aims to further enhance LEO connectivity for defense, public safety, and critical infrastructure. OneWeb’s network can extend vital communications to remote areas or provide backup connectivity when terrestrial networks are congested or impaired.

With the new FoldSat Leo portable terminal, OneWeb is expanding options for hybrid and resilient connectivity. Military, government, and humanitarian operations can maintain critical communications anywhere with OneWeb’s expanding LEO network and next-gen user technology like FoldSat Leo. OneWeb is fulfilling its vision of enabling ubiquitous global connectivity through affordable, easy-to-use terminals paired with its high-performance satellite fleet.

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