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Business is a global affair, that is not limited to large cities where there is abundant internet access. Being connected is more critical than ever to support all facets of business operations, including geographically dispersed locations where access can be hard to come by. BusinessCom Networks has been delivering broadband satellite services based on the iDirect platform since 2003; one of the first to bring iDirect-enabled services to Africa and the rest of the eastern hemisphere. Why iDirect?

iDirect’s technological leadership makes the difference for untold numbers of organizations around the world. The innovative end-to-end technology enables high-speed internet access from anywhere. iDirect’s design and manufacturing technology enables the fastest most reliable bi-directional IP service over satellite, supporting IP traffic including voice, video and data.

The first implementations of two-way broadband satellite were based on modifications to existing VSAT systems designed for transactions, such as credit card or lottery ticket processing at service stations and stores. iDirect designed a new broadband satellite system from the ground up, designed to support business applications. iDirect was an early developer of acceleration technology to overcome the inherent latency resulting from long distances that signals must travel between earth and the satellite. The technology was the first to provide QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize critical applications. The flexible technology supports jitter-free VoIP, delivering business quality voice, reliably and consistently. With QoS, clients can optimize or limit traffic to meet organizational goals.

iDirect’s A-TDMA (Adaptive Time Division Multiple Access) technology continues as industry leader for most efficient upload technology. Frequency hopping increases efficiency, permitting remote sites to access available bandwidth across the network on an as-needed basis. On the download, iDirect’s implementation of ever-improving standards such as DVB-S2/ACM and now DVB-S2X/ACM, leverage state of the art technology to deliver efficient, reliable and secure services to a wide variety of enterprises.

BusinessCom leverages iDirect capabilities such as GQoS PNs (GroupQoS Private Networks) and VNOs (Virtual Network Operator). These are two different methods to create private networks for organizations with multiple sites. Which solution is best, depends on the requirements. BusinessCom has enhanced the basic iDirect-enabled service by adding more capabilities such as bandwidth management, optimization and acceleration, firewall, authentication, VPN, fail-over, load balancing, real-time reporting and monitoring, and many other advanced networking services, without adding anything to the cost. The result is the delivery of a better broadband experience for clients.

You can read more about iDirect VSAT technology at the BusinessCom iDirect VSAT Technology section.

Direct Evolution X7 Series Satellite Router

BusinessCom iDirect-enabled services based on the Evolution series routers, such as the X7, provide highly secure IP over satellite connectivity with the support of Star, Mesh and Point-to-Point topologies. The X7 series are built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system and optimized to deliver best-in-class DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA performance.

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