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Satellite Internet Access Service

Mayotte is an archipelago located in the Northern Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of South east Africa. The largest of the islands is Grande-Terre or Maore but in total, all the islands are home to a population of just over 250,000 people. The islands, that cover just 374 square kilometres, tend to be quite densely populated. Mayotte is actually an overseas department of France, and imports a great deal from France as it is not self-sufficient. The economy is based upon agriculture, fishing and livestock. The islands, though stunning in terms of their landscape are simply too remote for any significant tourist industry.

There exists a small telephone system on the Mayotte archipelago which is administered by the French Department of Posts and Telecommunications. At present, Internet penetration stands at 42.7%. This means that there is an opportunity to accelerate the access to Internet across Mayotte via satellite-based connectivity.

Connecting Remote Islands

For an archipelago like Mayotte, it can be very challenging to link the population up to either fixed line or mobile Internet access. For islands that are small, dispersed and situated far from the mainland, it is hugely expensive to employ terrestrial links. The use of VSAT networks across the islands of Mayotte would enable access to a wealth of services including Internet access, VoIP telephony, video calling and other data services. For Mobile Network Operators, VSAT also enables cellular backhaul services that extend cellular networks to these hard-to-reach islands, and provide the inhabitants with mobile connectivity access, allowing them to access the Internet and other services via their mobile phones with no requirement for a fixed line. This opens up access to financial services like mobile money which provide loans and advice to enable people to take more control of their money and futures.

For an economy that is based upon agriculture, as Mayotte is, access to communications and also information via the Internet can assist with farming techniques. Knowledge taken from the Internet and other sources, can have a great impact on harvests and the rearing of livestock. With access to the Internet comes huge opportunity for communities where they can invest in their own farms, enabling them to move away from subsistence farming to grow a farming business where they may be able to sell surplus crops, thus creating wealth within a community.

BusinessCom Networks brings a wealth of experience in deploying VSAT networks across Africa. Regardless of the application, we can assess your requirements wherever they may be on Mayotte, and provide a service that meets stringent Service Level Agreements and affordability. Our local technicians are on hand to assist with installation and our customer service team is available on a constant basis. Our VSAT-based solutions can provide a rapid and cost-effective solution to your connectivity needs where terrestrial networks are unable to reach.

Key features

Key differentiators of BusinessCom VSAT services in Mayotte are:

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Toll quality VoIP and Videoconferencing with CIR
  • Reliable SLA through FDMA and D-TDMA
  • Star, Mesh and hybrid Star/Mesh topology networks
  • Full support of accelerated VPN, CITRIX, ERM and other business applications
  • Highly secure operation with optional AES embedded encryption
  • Global C-Band coverage and sub-Sahara Ku-Band
  • Landing at top tier redundant IP facilities in Western Europe and United States
  • Sentinel-based QoS, bandwidth management and optimization platform
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