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Worldwide PSTN Outbound Call Service

Global telecommunications managers now accept VoIP as the future of communications as the technology has crossed over the chasm of uncertainty into mainstream acceptability.

BusinessCom telephony – Voice over IP services

Voice over Internet Protocol has come along way since the early days of multiplexing and has now become a mainstream technology. More and more organizations are running voice over their LAN or WAN, connecting all sites seamlessly, saving money and increasing efficiency. BusinessCom has been delivering VoIP over satellite for organizations who sites are too remote for traditional hard wired solutions or in areas where the connections are unreliable or costly. Our new, updated and improved managed VoIP over satellite solution is now in place and positions BusinessCom as one of the leading VoIP service providers in the satellite marketplace. This solution has been specifically designed for enterprise grade customers running bi-directional geosynchronous satellite links and this innovative technology will allow BusinessCom to significantly decrease its worldwide PSTN termination pricing, provide the best market rates and maintain a premium quality of service that suits the most demanding of telephony customers.

As one of the leading satellite VoIP providers BusinessCom has invested in a VoIP solution based on a global partner network, providing 500+ fixed and mobile telephone routes worldwide. Any overflow is automatically re-directed to highly reliable, proven networks to ensure connectivity at all times. This solution offers a number of enhanced features such as CLI-certified routes, transparency for roaming signaling and full QoS integration with BusinessCom® satellite telecommunications solutions. These are iDirect-enabled VSAT services and dedicated bandwidth satellite links based on DVB-S2 and SCPC platforms. BusinessCom is fully responsible for voice-over-satellite protocol optimization and proactive management of VoIP QoS parameters, such as jitter, route stability, ASR (Answer Seizure Ratio), ALOC (Average Length of Call) and CCR (Call Completion Ratio). The result is a fully managed VoIP over satellite solution that delivers premium voice quality worldwide on 24/7 basis, at very competitive rates.

Network operators worldwide can now benefit from a number of efficiencies enabled by BusinessCom’s satellite IP connectivity when terminating voice traffic. The VoIP, the satellite IP connection, the QoS and the bandwidth management platform are all delivered as one highly integrated, single point of contact solution. BusinessCom customers can now benefit from a minimized time to market when establishing a new traffic exchange point or expanding an already established one from virtually anywhere in the world. BusinessCom supports SIP signaling protocol (plus IAX in some cases) and all major voice compression codecs, including G.711, G.729 and G.723.1.

The new VoIP solution is designed to suit demanding enterprise grade customers and additional applications include direct-to-home triple play networks, residential broadband telephony, SOHO, business trunking, Internet cafe and call shops, call centers and many others.

Total VoIP solutions

In order to provide VoIP solutions to your customers, you may choose from various Telephony Deployment schemes offered by BusinessCom, from a standard TSO (Termination Service Only) to a complete Hosted TBA scheme when BusinessCom provides you with a complete Telephony platform, including web based front-end for your customers, PBX, your own dedicated Billing System and Termination – everything you need to get started from scratch. The service is very easy to integrate with BusinessCom Internet via Satellite products as well as your current IP infrastructure.

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