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Sometimes it is not always possible to connect two points with a single link so another solution has to be implemented. That's where the expertise of BusinessCom can help.


Seamless connectivity

BusinessCom® hybrid services are a mix of reliable, flexible, scalable, secure satellite and terrestrial links. We offer this service mainly for enterprise customers who we cannot serve with a point-to-point link because of physical limitations.

Private Network VSAT


How does it all fit together?

For example, let’s say we have a customer that is a financial institution with its HQ in California and a remote branch in Nigeria. For security reasons they do not want their traffic to touch the Internet. Unfortunately we cannot link Nigeria and California with point-to-point connectivity because the satellite flying over Atlantic will be too low on the horizon to be seen from both locations. So how do we solve this conundrum?  BusinessCom lands the satellite link to a teleport in Europe and then extends that link via a private terrestrial circuit to the bank's HQ in California, usually via IP VPN MPLS. These circuits are 100% private and do not touch the Internet.


Technology for enterprises

The BusinessCom® MPLS-based IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is considered to be the amongst the top rated and flexible network solutions providing truly global coverage. It is scalable, highly secure, offers a guaranteed QoS and multiple access options. BusinessCom® IP VPN solution is the first choice for enterprises that require a converged and fully managed IP solution that effortlessly handles all data, voice, video and media rich applications on one IP-based platform. Our hybrid networks support mission critical business applications with secure high-speed connections as global connectivity is a must have in today’s business environment.

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