Terrestrial Enterprise Connectivity Service

BusinessCom® MPLS service is designed to provide secure, high-performance broadband terrestrial connectivity. BusinessCom works with multiple network service providers and data centers to deliver global MPLS solution supporting protocol and application-level WAN optimization to reach remotes running on satellite links.

Key features

BusinessCom’s global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution provides private any-to-any and point-to-point terrestrial circuits to connect multiple locations. Our secured MPLS links can reach all continents, providing enterprise connectivity on a global scale. Our MPLS solution is typically used to establish connectivity between the corporate headquarters and remote offices or data collection points. Some of the remotes can use satellite links (VSAT) to reach the corporate network. The MPLS solution can be configured with WAN optimization in mind: BusinessCom will provide optimized satellite connectivity to your remote offices, WAN optimization on both ends of the satellite links, while delivering all the circuits via MPLS to your headquarters anywhere on Earth.


The key features of BusinessCom MPLS services are:

  • Global reach on all continents
  • Fully managed network, delivered on a turn-key basis
  • End-to-end SLAs
  • Direct connectivity to popular clouds
  • WAN optimization for remotes running VSAT links
  • 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps speeds (10 Gbps optional in certain locations)
  • QoS
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