High Speed Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Access Service

High speed satellite Internet access is BusinessCom’s main service since 2003. Right from the start, we differentiated ourselves as the provider for high performance, premium quality satellite services; and we are proud to consistently deliver the highest level of service.

History and ethos

BusinessCom entered the market by providing 1-way DVB/IP high speed satellite Internet service to Europe through SES Astra satellites at 19.2 degrees East orbit, backed up by a proprietary Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) algorithm. PEP allowed our customers to enjoy a much better service, and is still in use today. More recently, BusinessCom expanded its high speed satellite Internet coverage to include Africa, Middle East, Asia, and recently Americas via Telesat Telstar-12 Pan American Ku-Band beam. We were among the first to bring iDirect VSAT service to the Middle East while others were still using legacy TDMA. Today, we offer any combination of satellite high speed Internet solutions including bi-directional dedicated full duplex links, industry’s leading DVB-S2 platform, MF-TDMA and D-TDMA return channels with high order modulations and high performance Turbo and LDPC codecs.

What also makes BusinessCom high speed Internet by satellite different is our custom tailored approach. Our staff works with every client from planning to implementation stages and post-sales technical support and consultations – all at the highest possible level. This allows us to create precisely customized satellite high speed Internet offers, based on individual application requirements, bandwidth configuration, usage patterns and protocol acceleration demands, allowing the client to enjoy optimized high speed satellite Internet access. Since high speed Internet via satellite technology employs expensive geostationary space segment resource, we invest our expertise to deliver the best performance per hertz using proprietary bandwidth management and optimization techniques, such as PEP and Sentinel bandwidth management, also developed inside BusinessCom.

BusinessCom high speed satellite Internet services have the following key advantages:

  • Custom tailored, your applications-centric approach
  • VSAT technology superiority through partnership with key platform providers
  • Reliable space segment resource
  • Integrated QoS, bandwidth management and optimization resources
  • Strong SLA
  • High grade 24/7 technical support
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