Satellite Internet in Africa

Satellite Internet Access Service

Satellite telecommunications services are in high demand in Africa as they provide reliable, efficient and technologically mature IP connectivity solutions for Internet access and wide area networking.

VSAT in Africa

BusinessCom delivers the full range of satellite Internet and private network solutions on state-of-the-art spacecraft and VSAT platforms ensuring high-performance service to clients in Africa. Our services provide at least 99.5% uptime guaranteed by the SLA and a choice of dedicated and shared bandwidth to support any application.

FSS (Fixed Satellite Service)
  • From 64 kbps up to Gbps
  • QoS and 99.5% SLA
  • Global service
  • C and Ku-Band Coverage
  • For mobile remotes
  • Fly-away and Drive-away

Small business to enterprise

Satellite services play a crucial role of connecting Africa’s businesses to the worldwide web. BusinessCom satellite services are often used in the following environments:

  • • ᠌᠌᠌᠌ Oil and gas
  • • ᠌ Enterprise networks
  • • ᠌ Internet Service Providers and voice carriers
  • • ᠌ Government and Military locations (embassies, consulates, MWR for camps/FOB)
  • • ᠌ Satellite Internet access for homes and offices
  • • ᠌ Airports, Hotel chains, Hospitals (Telemedicine), Retail POS, Schools and Universities
  • • ᠌ Industrial monitoring and Public IP based data exchange networks
  • • ᠌ Financial institutions – banks, remote ATM locations, insurance offices

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Key Highlights

  • • ᠌ Two-way, receive and transmit satellite connection
  • • ᠌ Broadband Internet access
  • • ᠌ Secure, autonomous and independent of local telecom infrastructure
  • • ᠌ SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • • ᠌ Toll quality Voice over IP and Videoconferencing
  • • ᠌ Landing to Europe and United States with Tier 1 connectivity
  • • ᠌ 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) technical support
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