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Not all satellite Internet providers are the same. As a high performance satellite Internet provider, we pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high service level.

Unique approach

What may be found with many new TDMA satellite Internet service providers is that the service starts off good and rapidly declines. This is primarily because most satellite Internet providers do a poor job of managing their customers and how they use the services. In fact, it takes more effort and expertise to build a high performance network based on shared TDM access.

As a high performance satellite Internet service provider, BusinessCom has a different business model based on a pre-qualification. With our PEP-iDirect services, we make sure every remote buys enough CIR bandwidth for each computer. This is based on industry statistics that a typical PC on average generates upload data at 500 to 1000 bit/s per day. We work closely with all customers having additional business requirements such as VPN, CITRIX, ERM, EFT and similar to determine the exact amount of additional CIR required. This approach is dramatically different from what other satellite Internet service providers practice. By requiring our customers to buy CIR for each PC as well as for VoIP lines, videoconferencing or other streaming applications, we generate enough revenue to continue to upgrade our shared bandwidth pools as more customers are added, thus maintaining the quality and consistency of our service. Our models works well as this is a win-win scenario for both satellite Internet providers and end customers.

Quality of service

With FDMA services where QoS cannot be implemented at NMS hosted by satellite Internet provider, BusinessCom offers Sentinel-based Level 3 QoS appliance installed both at customer and satellite Internet provider premises. Sentinel Platform, backed up by the DataPlex and VoicePlex compression and TCP acceleration algorithms achieve truly unprecedented levels of performance compared to other FDMA based satellite high speed Internet providers

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