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Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom has been a satellite ISP since 2003, offering an extensive range of high performance services for a variety of communication needs. This includes Point-to-Point connectivity, private networks, Internet access and circuits carrying voice, video and data.


BusinessCom has been at the forefront of the satellite ISPs industry for more than five years. In 2003, we introduced 1-way high performance DVB/IP services with PEP to European markets. PEP differentiated BusinessCom from the rest of the satellite Internet ISP offerings from the beginning and it is still in use today. Later we expanded to bi-directional VSAT platforms with extensive Middle East, Africa and Asia coverage and guaranteed quality service. BusinessCom has been among the first satellite ISPs to offer iDirect-enabled service to the Middle East.
To suit everybody’s broadband connectivity demands, the best satellite ISP use a pre-set combination of QoS profiles. BusinessCom pioneered this concept by allowing the end customers to modify and build their own QoS setup within PEP-iDirect satellite ISP solution.
For WiFi, WiMAX HotSpots and terrestrial network operators, BusinessCom satellite ISP providers centric solution allows you to start with an affordable shared bandwidth package and upgrade it gradually to a fully dedicated multi-megabit IP backbone. This delivers our customers a pay-as-you-grow scenario and allows them to provide true broadband IP service at all stages of business growth. BusinessCom also offers GQoS and VNO Private Network solutions for our satellite ISPs partners.

Service design philosophy

Today, BusinessCom runs top spectrum efficiency services based on SCPC, DVB-S2 and D-TDMA technologies and invests significant resources in the development of satellite ISP bandwidth management and optimization appliances such as Sentinel, DataPlex, VoicePlex and NPA. This allows for efficient applications-centric satellite ISP solutions.

At BusinessCom we are committed to the provision of high performance satellite ISP solutions. Our goal is to deliver services with the highest possible efficiency and maintain fair pricing for all our customers. Many of our technical staff have been in the IT industry for decades. We include only the highest quality electronics and antenna reflectors and pride of ourselves on maintaining a consistently high service level. We also strive to maintain very high levels of quality technical support.

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