Two Way Satellite Internet Access

Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom provides two way satellite Internet access services (sometimes referred as 2 way satellite internet worldwide) with global coverage of the entire Eastern Hemisphere of our planet, and recently expanded to Americas via Telesat Telstar-12 PanAm Ku-Band beam.


These two way satellite services employ bi-directional receive/transmit satellite links, connecting remotely located subscribers directly to a terrestrial teleport facility in Europe or United States. The teleport routes the connection further to the Public IP space or a privately owned network. This allows us to provide satellite broadband Internet access as well as quickly deploying 2 way satellite networks to virtually any point in the world, avoiding the local bind to telecommunications infrastructure


In order to provide 2 way satellite Internet access we employ a number of highly efficient TDMA and FDMA platforms, including iDirect as well as traditional SCPC and DVB-S2 based systems. We support all known topologies, including Star, full Mesh and hybrid Star/Mesh to fit perfectly with any two way satellite connectivity requirements and support IP voice, video and data traffic. BusinessCom services range from DTH (Direct-to-Home), SOHO and go up to carrier-grade backbones, including NGOs, banks, hospitals, enterprise clients, Internet service providers, VoIP carriers, videoconferencing bridges, WAN networks, military welfare and recreation facilities, governmental organizations – such as embassies and many others.

BusinessCom Quality

BusinessCom works with every client individually and always recommends the best possible two way satellite Internet solution available today, on a custom tailored basis. Backed up with bandwidth two way satellite optimization techniques such as complete QoS, TCP acceleration, compression, optimized FEC overhead and adaptive modulation, BusinessCom is proud to deliver the highest performance 2 way satellite Internet services to the market.

The advantages of two way satellite connectivity are obvious. Being completely independent from local terrestrial infrastructure allows our end users to leverage true satellite broadband connectivity and quickly gain advantage over competition by having a stronger information technology backbone. Whatever your specific needs, be it a common Internet access, guaranteed data delivery, fast and reliable access to your Web-based applications server or corporate VPN, or maybe a real-time telemedicine conference – BusinessCom is ready to meet any challenge and find solutions to the most complex 2 way satellite telecom tasks.

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