VSAT Technology

Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom VSAT access technologies use TDM, TDMA and FDMA packet technology as their method of transporting voice, data and video over high speed satellite links.

What is VSAT technology?

For your everyday requirements BusinessCom VSAT technologies connect you to the highest performance 2 way satellite Internet service on the market today. As a BusinessCom VSAT end user you will need a box that interfaces between your computer and an outside antenna complete with a transceiver. The transceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. The satellite sends and receives signals from an earth station (teleport). These 2 way satellite services employ bi-directional receive/transmit satellite links, connecting remotely located subscribers directly to a terrestrial teleport facility in Europe or United States. The teleport routes the connection further to the Public IP space or a privately owned network. This allows BusinessCom to provide you with satellite broadband Internet access as well as to quickly deploy 2 way satellite networks to virtually any point in the world, avoiding the bind to the local communications infrastructure.

Two way VSAT technology from BusinessCom offers a number of advantages over terrestrial alternatives. Being completely independent from local terrestrial infrastructure allows our end users to leverage true satellite broadband connectivity and quickly gain advantage over competition by having a stronger information technology backbone. Companies can have total control of their own communication system without dependence on other organisations. Home users could also get higher speed reception than if using ordinary telephone circuits or ISDN.

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