Satellite Internet Services

Satellite Internet Access Service

Since 2003, BusinessCom has delivered its high performance satellite Internet service to remote locations around the world, delivering Satellite broadband Internet where DSL, Cable or Fibre Optic is not yet available.

The customers choice

We have been chosen as the satellite Internet service provider of choice for remote locations of Central European Commission, government of the United States, Russian Federation and Ukraine, Lockheed Martin, Nestle, Raytheon, United Nations and many other esteemed customers. With coverage stretching from Americas to Asia, including Europe, Middle East and Africa, and extensive VSAT platforms portfolio, we can provide you with broadband satellite Internet service powering up your home and business worldwide.

Not all satellite Internet service providers are the same. When networks are designed, providers usually apply a particular theoretical model – profile of the anticipated average subscriber to define key service characteristics such as BIR (Burstable Information Rate – shared bandwidth) and CIR (Committed Information Rate – dedicated bandwidth) levels per remote, traffic limits and QoS prioritization levels, SLA, routing set up, and many others. Since quality is a subjective measurement, good broadband satellite Internet service > ideally matches the end user’s profile. However, this is a challenge for most providers as all customers are different. Many TDMA based satellite networks are designed with occasional Internet usage in mind (read web browsing with limited downloads) offering low end services. This works well for residential DTH access, however fails in the Enterprise environment. Likewise, Enterprise-oriented satellite Internet service providers may be too expensive for a home user or Internet cafés as they are optimized for burstable traffic.

BusinessCom is one of the very few satellite providers flexible enough to offer individual QoS configuration for every client. This means that we fit our services to your profile, and this allows us to deliver the most high performance satellite Internet services at the lowest cost possible. Our networks are designed to support business quality VoIP and Videoconferencing, pre-accelerated VPN, guaranteed EFT and database data delivery, CITRIX and any other business application you have in mind.

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