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Satellite Internet Access Service

Internet connection via Satellite is a method to access Public IP space via satellite spacecraft and a network of terrestrial uplink facilities – so called teleports. Satellite Internet connections are popular where standard terrestrial IP services such as Cable, DSL, ISDN, Frame Relay etc. are not available or prohibitively expensive. Internet connection via satellite can provide complete broadband Public IP connectivity and support all types of traffic, including VPN (Virtual Private Networks), business class VoIP and videoconferencing.


Satellites have been used for IP communications since the beginning of the Internet and are still in use today. While early satellite services were SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) used to carry audio and video streams and support high capacity data backbones, high speed satellite Internet connection only became available to the majority of other users recently. End user satellite Internet connections gained popularity with the introduction of so called 1-way DVB/IP services with remote subscribers using their terrestrial uplinks to send requests and high speed satellite channels to receive the content back. These simplex services are still in use today because this model allows shared bandwidth high speed satellite Internet connection to be provided at competitive costs, usually requiring no licensing and are ready for instant deployment. With the introduction of TDMA-based return channels – uplinks, bi-directional duplex services emerged in middle 90s and are currently in very high demand worldwide.

BusinessCom solutions

Today, BusinessCom offers the complete range of satellite Internet connection solutions, including bi-directional links on both TDMA and SCPC (FDMA) access schemes. TDMA platforms include ViaSat and iDirect. This allows efficient satellite broadband connection to be provided to any client ranging from DTH and up to bandwidth-intensive enterprise, government and military links. Additionally, BusinessCom offers traditional DVB and DVB-S2 downlinks. Fully dedicated BusinessCom FDMA platforms include iDirect VSAT iSCPC and Comtech EF Data used to provide satellite Internet connections supporting large amounts of streaming traffic, multi-megabit IP backbones and Point-to-Point links.

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