VSAT Broadband

Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom® offers an extensive range of VSAT broadband services for all IP communication means.

Key features

We use Ku and C Band satellite space segment capacity to deliver two-way satellite IP services to emerging markets worldwide. VSAT broadband satellite services require only 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz electricity sources and provide broadband IP connectivity via bi-directional satellite communications channels.

BusinessCom® FDMA based BusinessCom® VSAT broadband services feature:

  • Bandwidth from 64 kbit/s and up to a full satellite transponder
  • True, customizable QoS integrated in VSAT platform and precisely matching client applications and connectivity requirements
  • FDMA (Traditional SCPC – Single Channel Per Carrier) and TDMA (iDirect Deterministic TDMA and MF-TDMA) channel access, delivering shared BIR and dedicated bandwidth, including static and dynamic CIR
  • Service Level Agreements with IP connectivity available virtually anywhere in the world
  • VSAT broadband satellite services fully compatible with BusinessCom® Sentinel, VoicePlex and DataPlex bandwidth management technology as well as BusinessCom® Telephony Solutions and third party VoIP service providers

IP connectivity

BusinessCom® leverages its technological flexibility and years of expertise to deliver cost effective satellite solutions to end customers ranging from residential users to data and voice carriers. We practice a client, applications-centric approach to assure our VSAT satellite broadband services meet all IP connectivity requirements. BusinessCom® iDirect-enabled VSAT broadband solutions such as PEP-iDirect support full CBWFQ QoS to prioritize end user payload by a variety of criteria including DiffServ and ToS bits, source IP, destination IP, source and destination TCP ports and protocol type. These systems deliver a single or eight-port 10/100 ethernet connection right at the satellite modem and support 802.1q VLAN. This allows users to run all the IP services including Voice over IP and Videoconferencing concurrently with guaranteed quality. Traditional SCPC-based BusinessCom® VSAT broadband connections leverage QoS capability of the BusinessCom® Sentinel bandwidth management appliance.
For VSAT broadband internet access and VoIP carriers, BusinessCom® offers highly innovative IP bandwidth optimization solutions based on the Sentinel platform and VoicePlex/DataPlex acceleration and compression techniques, maximizing satellite capacity efficiency. BusinessCom® also hosts a network of PEP (Performance Enhancing Proxy) servers in Europe and United States to provide full TCP-accelerated VSAT broadband satellite connectivity.

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