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Satellite Network Topologies

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BusinessCom has years of expertise in advanced VSAT network technologies and uses this to derive the most sophisticated end-to-end solutions for every connectivity need.


Star topology networks

BusinessCom delivers cutting-edge VSAT networking services with worldwide coverage, on a custom tailored basis.  Our VSAT systems fully support VPN, VoIP and Videoconferencing traffic with guaranteed Quality of Service. This allows our customers to deploy IP voice and data networks with broadband Internet access in virtually no time, efficiently backing up or replacing existing terrestrial telecom infrastructure.

Star topology VSAT networks provide IP connectivity with terrestrial teleport or Hub at customer’s headquarters in the Star center. By leveraging host networking equipment at the teleport, our customers can now deploy their own private networks without the expensive costs of a VSAT System Hub infrastructure. BusinessCom TDMA solutions include iDirect VNO, GQoS (Group QoS) networks and iDirect Mini/Private Hubs. GQoS VSAT networks require no initial investment into the VSAT network infrastructure at all and support broadband speeds.

Private Network VSAT


Point-to-point networks

For Point-to-Point connectivity or remotes with very large amounts of traffic, BusinessCom provides SCPC VSAT systems to establish fully dedicated bandwidth circuits. VSAT networks can be designed with all sites as SCPC or as a mix of TDMA and SCPC, whenever it may be required.



Mesh topology networks

BusinessCom delivers full Mesh VSAT networks over TDMA for latency critical applications, such as single satellite hop VoIP and videoconferencing between the remotes. A hybrid Star/Mesh configuration is applied with terrestrial teleport being part of the VSAT network to provide broadband Internet access to every remote in the network - all on the single hop. Such flexibility provides a significantly better quality of service for voice and data networks with Public IP space routing. Similar to Star topology VNO and Group QoS, Mesh topology iDirect-enabled networks can be deployed on BusinessCom teleport Hub equipment without assuming any risks or expensive up-front investment.

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