Satellite Telecommunication

Satellite Internet Access Service

BusinessCom has been providing high performance satellite telecommunicationsolutions to the world since 2003.

The BusinessCom service

With a network of redundant terrestrial teleports throughout Europe and the United States, BusinessCom uplinks to a wide range of telecommunication satellites owned by Telesat, Intelsat, SES NewSkies, Eutelsat and other multi-national operators. Our primary service coverage includes Europe, Middle East and Africa. In Asia, satellite telecommunications services from BusinessCom are available via Telstar-10 and in 2008 we have expanded to the Americas via Telstar-12 Ku-Band PanAm beam.

Our satellite telecommunication services include:

  • Bi-directional MF-TDMA and D-TDMA services and
  • DVB and DVB-S2 based services
  • FDMA SCPC circuits, Public IP and Point-to-Point
  • Private Networks – VNO, Group QoS, Private Hubs with Star and Mesh topologies
  • VoIP over Satellite services, including DID (Direct Inward Dial)
  • IP bandwidth management and optimization solutions
  • Hybrid network solutions

Along with satellite telecommunicationservices, BusinessCom provides network planning and consultancy with complete end-to-end VSAT installation, implementation and post-sales maintenance and support in many countries worldwide.

BusinessCom applications centric approach enables our customers to utilize telecommunications satellites capacity resources at very high efficiency levels. This means we always strive to achieve lower OPEX (operating expenditures) for our customers at the best performance levels. Using a combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth quota to deliver various types of traffic over TDMA circuits allows our subscribers to obtain high performance satellite telecommunications services, at competitive costs. For FDMA circuits we use high order modulations and innovative Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithms to make our satellite telecommunication services achieve outstanding spectral efficiency.

Our high performance satellite telecommunications philosophy understands that space segment resources always carry maximum IP payload, at any given moment of time. To achieve this, BusinessCom offers proprietary bandwidth management and optimization appliances based on GPL-licensed open source BusinessCom® TES platform. This includes PEP and DataPlex – IP compression, acceleration and packet aggregation algorithms boosting performance up to 400%. For VoIP communications, TES VoicePlex running over BusinessCom® dedicated satellite telecommunication service allows to double concurrent VoIP calls capacity if compared to standard non-compressed SCPC circuits.

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